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Library, Wednesday

So, ever since learning about (and kind of freaking out about, and possibly hiding from) rain for the first time, Peridot had always been sort of low-key interested in Earth's weather patterns. They were unlike anything she'd ever seen before; sure, there were storms on other planets, but the most notable ones were on gas giants that even a Gem who could adapt to most of their surroundings would be smart to avoid.

And so of course she'd been paying attention to the little storm that had started to form somewhere out over that large body of water the island was parked by. There weren't many details about it yet, but that just meant that she was going to go stumbling down a Wikipedia rabbit hole trying to find out everything she possibly could about storm systems in general. The science of them seemed fairly straightforward once she understood the physics involved, which meant that her research had gone another direction entirely.

"Humans have a cute little name for everything, don't they?"

Today's rabbit hole, apparently, was hurricane naming conventions. As though words like 'hammer' and 'finger' weren't cute enough, apparently they gave hurricanes names that made very little sense until she looked them up and realized that those names were all human names for humans.

"Weird planet," she muttered as she continued down her wiki rabbit hole. "I'm gonna start naming stuff, too. This computer is now..."

Nope. She had nothing. She still only knew a handful of human names, after all. And so the rest of her day was spent just clicking through the names of random people until she came up with something that seemed appropriately computer-ish.

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