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Alien Conspiracy Theories, Friday, Second Period

"As you may know," Vanessa said, "Dozens of people are abducted by aliens every year. Who knows? Maybe some of them really are abducted by aliens! God knows we have enough of them running around this island," she muttered. "But most of those who are abducted recite a story that doesn't sound like any alien I've ever met. Short, grey, big eyes in a big head, like to strap you down and run experiments on you that involve a suspicious number of probes up the butt...honestly, I think most abduction stories boil down to 'drunk and repressed,' but if this is sounding like a real species or whatever to you, please let me know. Personally, I think if you've probed one human, why do you need a couple of hundred more to confirm your data? But maybe I'm wrong, maybe the little green men--excuse me, the Greys--have a really good reason to trap and release all those people. What do you think?"
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Re: Sign In

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Gratuity Tucci
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Re: During the Lecture

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Peridot, who was both little and green, was prepared to let that last comment slide. Just this once.

Mostly she was kind of squinting, wondering what kind of scientific interest any alien race would have with that end of the human digestive system.
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Re: Discussion Time

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"Intergalactic cow tipping."