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Best Defence 2: The Defencening [Thurs, Period 2]

"Apparently some people think this class has too much emphasis on bears." And by some people, Cara meant Cassandra. Cassandra didn't like bears or joy. "Instead we're going to focus on fortifications, because I've been on this island long enough to know something's going to happen before the end of summer, and you can't always hide in the dorms."

"So, today you get to improvise defensive structures from whatever you can get your hands on, then see how they stand up."

Of course, the only building materials hand in the Danger Shop were pillows, but Cara just hoped she wouldn't have to come out and say it.
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Re: Talk to Cara or the TA - BD2 [04]

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"Thank the Maker," Cassandra muttered. "No bears and no dragons."

Sometimes you took what you could get.