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Library, Wednesday

Peridot was absolutely hard at work today, really.

Honest. She had been. Until, in re-shelving books, she stumbled across some kind of fantasy romance piece about a matriarchal society with a strong affinity for gemstones, and...

She came from one of those, okay? She had to investigate. And investigating quickly turned into settling in and reading, and when she was finished with one book, she realized it was a series, and...

If anyone needed the Gem, she was buried under ridiculous novels.

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Excuse you, those novels were amazing.

Karla hadn't been in the library since she was a student. She paused just at the doorway, looking around the old familiar room with a smile. Mother Night, she used to stop by every...Friday, was it? Back when George used to work at the desk? And the D&D game in Special Collections, when the rest of reality had ceased to exist, and the "radio broadcast" that they'd all heckled through. So many old memories in this one room.

With one more fond smile, Karla crossed over to the circulation desk. "Excuse me?"
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"I have a book I'd like to return," Karla said, calling in the book onto the desk. "I borrowed it when I was a student and lost it for awhile."
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Relax, little Gem. Karla wasn't going to break you, even over library fees!

"Oh yes," Karla said with a laugh. "I graduated something like...four years ago?"

It was hard to keep track.
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"Considering library books are due within a few weeks, it is," Karla explained. "Even if I'd borrowed it for an entire month, I've still had it for forty-eight times longer than I should."
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"Agreed," Karla said. "I was gearing up for a civil war back home and it got lost in my aetherspace, but that's no excuse." She pushed the book forward, one on guerrilla warfare tactics. "But I was cleaning up in there and found it and realized it needed returning."

She smiled a bit. "And there was a fine to be paid."
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"It's where I store things after I've vanished them," Karla explained. "And where they're kept until I call them back in." A split second of concentration and then things started appearing on the counter next to the book: water bottles, a tea set, a packed diaper bag, three magazines, one of her court gowns, and at least four stuffed animals. "This is the barest bit of it all," she said with a grin. "That poor book was lost amidst the shuffle."
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"I'm afraid not," Karla said, apologetically. "It's an ability that I have because I am Blood and have Craft--a kind of magic that only my people can access."

She raised her hand reflexively to the Ebon-gray Jewel hanging around her neck.
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Almost like it wasn't a rock at all!

"May I ask about your people? Who are they? You're not human--not even organic, it looks like," Karla asked, all curiosity. "Are their aetherspaces very small, then?"

You know who had an awesome pocket dimension. ROSE QUARTZ WAS WHO.

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"Gems, huh?" Karla asked, reaching for her Jewel again. "Are any of you Sapphires? Or maybe Tiger's Eye?"

Blood humor. Sorry, Peridot.

"I see your point about small," she added. "Can they hold more than just weapons? Or are they big enough for a weapon or two and that's it?"
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"Oh!" Karla said, looking chagrined. "I'm sorry. Is it a thing only certain people--Gems--can do?"
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"'Different' is not the same as 'inferior'," Karla said, frowning mightily at that. "You're Peridot? Or, rather, a Peridot?" Since she'd just said 'generations' of those. "Did you get the Jewel--I'm sorry, your Gem--" she nodded at the stone in Peridot's forehead "--because you're a Peridot, or are you a Peridot because of your J--Gem?"
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"Ahh, I see!" Karla said, nodding. "So even if your body were to no longer exist, so long as your gem was okay, you'd be fine? Because this is just the form you pilot around."

Again, her hand found her Jewel and squeezed it. There was a sharp delineation between what was Karla and what was the Jewel, and yet...
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"Among my people, we have a concept that is similar enough that I can get it," Karla explained. "If my physical body sustained enough damage to kill it, but I still had enough psychic strength, I wouldn't die, exactly. My autonomic functions would cease and my body would be physically dead, but I would be able to continue to use it. I would be what the Blood call 'demon-dead.'"