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Library, Saturday

Beyond some undefinable tension in the Force, Ahsoka wasn't aware that there was anything strange going on this weekend. Well, anything strange in particular, since there was usually something strange going on around this place.

So mostly she was trying to figure out who had replaced mini Rex with a figure of some feathery lizard with tiny, tiny arms. They'd even painted it to match his armour.
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Re: Mod Your Library

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Well, hopefully she was prepared for Tony to be in the library for eight whole hours to research historical women. Why? Because reasons. That's why.

It was that or randomly wandering the streets in no discernible pattern.
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Re: Talk to Ahsoka

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Well, when the Force led you someplace, you didn't argue.

And when it led you to another Togruta that seemed Force-sensitive, you smiled and said hello.

"Hello." Master Kiwiiks gave the girl a smile and a bow.