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Arts & Crafts, Wednesday - 2nd Period

The teacher was back in class once again this week! Which was new and exciting, right? Right.

"So, today is apparently Flag Day and I don't know what that means and I don't care enough go Google that shit," he told the class. "But that's out artsy theme for the day. Make a flag that I may or may not try to trick the school into putting up."

It really depended in his mood and if it was hilarious or not.

"So, take this never ending bucket of glitter and these pieces of felt and get to work on that while I play Candy Crush."

He was just being honest here.

"Or catch some fire type. Yes, I'm still playing that game. It's soothing, okay? Get to work."
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Re: Sign In

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Alluka Zoldyck
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Re: Sign In

[personal profile] greenexorcist 2017-06-15 02:36 am (UTC)(link)
Shiemi Moriyama
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Re: Make a Flag

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Peridot was totally going to make a flag.

She really was.

But Deadpool had gone and gotten her addicted to that Pokemon game, and when he mentioned fire types, she had to pull her phone out from where she'd carefully tucked it into her hair so that she could try to evolve some of hers, too.

So, you know. Arts and crafts, minus any of the art or craft bits.
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Re: Make a Flag

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Ahsoka made a Team Instinct flag, because she might as well do something with all that knowledge she reluctantly had.
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Re: Make a Flag

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Pinkie's flag was, unsurprisingly, all done up in shades of pink. Lovely stripes of pink, done up in kind of a gradient. . . .

Yes, she was sitting here making a lesbian pride flag. Did she realize that was what she was doing? Who knew? Maybe she just coincidentally really liked all those shades of pink. . . .
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Re: Make a Flag

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Now this, Summer could do with confidence. The really problem was in trying to figure out what exactly to make her flag of. She didn't have the artistic skill to do anything too fancy, like a horse or a taco (yes, she considered making a flag with a taco on it), so she decided to stick with something with stars. All of the stars were uneven, but they were stars all the same, in in different colors on a background of dark blue sky.

Yeah, that'll work nicely.
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Re: Make a Flag

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Shiemi hummed as she covered her flag in paste. She had no plan, just glue and glitter.

It was going to be sparkly, at least.


And have something to do with plants.

Look, she couldn't help it, okay?
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Re: Talk to the Teacher/TA

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Xanthippe was making a flag.

Yeah, really. It was less shocking if you knew it was entirely because she was sullenly ignoring a text from her father. She just didn't want to deal with freaking Columbia right now.