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Library, Monday

Tip was still trying to work out what big flaw in her writing she was going to try to destroy for this week's creative writing assignment. Maybe she should do something that didn't involve robots?

But robots were cool.

She found a couple writing manuals in the stacks and flipped through those for awhile. One was a whole big thing about birds, which she guessed worked as a metaphor, but it still seemed kind of weird to Tip. Another one had a whole big thing about how adverbs were the devil.

Tip was starting to think that professional writers were kind of full of crap.

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Breq hadn't got around to visit the library. She knew this was the day Tip worked there, which was another reason that she had found her way here now.

She hadn't been in a library in a long time, and tried to remember when it had been last.

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"Hello." Breq offered a deliberate smile. "Am I interrupting you?"
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Breq stopped in front of the desk. "What are you writing?"
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"I would say it sounds hard, but then I am no writer," Breq replied. "What do you prefer to write about, then?"
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"Science fiction?" Breq asked.
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"But they must be about more than space travel," Breq said. "Or magic and dragons. Isn't there a story?"
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"So what stories do you like?" Breq asked. Although not her main interest, not like songs, she had come across quite a few stories too during her life.
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"I haven't thought much about it," Breq said after considering the question. "Where I'm from romantic love stories are very popular, especially in a historical setting. I've never paid much attention."
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"Yes. although I did read some poetry. It's generally more appreciated. The stories like that are more popular as entertainments."

She couldn't help recalling the poetry Lieutenant Awn had received from her sister. They had been of the kind one might expect from a teenager, but Awn had treasured them, not for their quality but as a reminder from her young sister, whose education she helped to pay for.
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"Oh! I understand."

Almost very culture had people like that. A similar thing had jokingly been said about her - as Justice of Toren - which had been funny because ships weren't generally expected to take such serious interest in things like music.

"Like collecting songs?"
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"I see." Breq considered this. "Is there a reason there is very little poetry written here?"
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"It can?" Breq asked. "In that case, isn't that true of every kind of art?"
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"But lyrics are poetry?" Breq said. "And I have read a lot of poetry that the only reason it might be inaccessible is because it was pointless."

She wasn't arguing, just being curious about the reasoning.
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"If your definition of poetry includes that you shouldn't understand it, then of course you would," Breq observed. "Or it wouldn't be poetry."
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Last week, Summer had been a little overwhelmed with being back and catching up to make it to the library on Monday, and she didn't need to press her luck any further with Ms. Morgendorffer's level of disdain for her, so she popped into the library to hunt down one of the few people she hadn't managed to touch base with yet.

"Heeeeeey, Tip," she said, "how's it going?"

[[ I know this is super late and prone to SP but I didn't want to miss another Monday due to being a flake, doot doot doot ]]
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"Good!" Summer bobbed her head a little. "Good. Same. And, ugh, yeah, that assignment! I mean, how am I supposed to know what my style of writing is and how to write against it if I haven't even been in the class? I mean, since, you know, there's been a robot here in my place while I was in another dimension, and everything."

She thought it was a super good segue, quirking an eyebrow innocently as she asked, "Did you, uh, hear anything about all that yet?"
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Well, at least Tip actually believed her, unlike others in their creative writing class...

Still, Summer groaned a little; it was just so much easier when someone had been all oh, but I knew the whole time!

"Soooo, yeah," she said. "My robot self wasn't too weird or anything with you, was she? I mean, I know I could always listen to radio to get an idea, but I'm almost too afraid."

Particularly of the ones "she" did...
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Considering that her own mother hadn't even noticed, Summer figured she could kind of cut everyone some slack on that one. She shrugged.

"I'll have to pass that bit of feedback onto my grampa, then," she said. "He programmed me...I mean, her, and I don't think he's ever been a teenager before in his life."


"Well, except that one time when he enrolled a tiny clone of himself temporarily into our school to help us take care of vampires, but then the tiny clone didn't want to go back and tried to kill--"

She stopped right there and shook her head, lifting her hands. "You know what, it doesn't matter. I just had to make sure robot me wasn't going around acting like an idiot and tarnishing what little reputation I've built for myself here, that's all."
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That small ppfft and wave of her hand at the first part would do well to show Tip that the stunning C average was 100% au natural Summer Smith. After all, you didn't need good grades to fight evil empires in space, right? But it did help to be popular, so she was relieved that the second part matched up with her experience so far in touching base with everyone.

Relief that was short lived, unfortunately, because the third part made her eyes widen like saucers.

"Parents' Weekend?"

Someone didn't know about Parents' Weekend.