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The Healing Power of Crystals, Wednesday

"I hear there's been a little concern about my loot from last week," Deadpool said, placing what was possibly the exact same bucket of cheap gems from before on his desk. "But let me assure you, it was only a little blood splatter and everything still sold. Nerds are vicious."

And he approved.

"Okay, so today we should... do something. Maybe with chakras and other new age bullshit. So, yeah. Find a chakra and heal something. I could not care less what. Or if it's even real. Just say it's real and move on."
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Ahsoka Tano
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Re: Heal Stuff

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"I have no idea what that is," announced the Gem who literally had a magic crystal parked right where her Third Eye chakra would be.
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Re: Heal Stuff

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Summer might have been a little irritated that her First Period Wednesday coffee shop trip was now apparently canceled.

But she picked up a crystal, held it to her forehead and said, "Ohhhmmmm," with her eyes closed for a moment. She opened her eyes again and looked around. "Nope. Didn't heal this disease of a class. Mine must be broken."
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Re: Heal Stuff

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"Yeah, well," said Summer, who really couldn't deny that, "the crystals aren't doing jack for that, either."
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Re: Heal Stuff

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"Chakras, they're round things and you throw them, right?" Ahsoka said with the kind of innocence someone who'd been taught to meditate as a toddler shouldn't be able to get away with.
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Re: Talk to the Teacher/TA

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"Can you please stop saying that."

It didn't even count as a question – nor merit a question mark – because she knew he wouldn't. Because he was annoying.
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Re: Talk to the Teacher/TA

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They were a great team.