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Archaeology: 2 Fun 2 Profit [Tues, 1st Period]

The tomb Aphra had created in the Danger Shop was possibly her most epic one yet, so epic that words could not do it justice.

"I hope you're ready for some fun, kids, because we're really going to get our hands dirty tod-" The Danger Shop made a strange, yet disturbingly chipper sound, and a bunch of small, brightly coloured bears with pictures on their bellies appeared.

"Huh, they're like creepy little Ewoks," Aphra said, frowning. "Well, creepier. Okay change of plans. You know what we're doing today, kids? Target practice!"
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Re: Sign In - 2Arch2Fun [05]

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Jason Lee Scott
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Re: Sign In - 2Arch2Fun [05]

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Re: Pew Pew - 2Arch2Fun [05]

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"Ugh, no. Stop smiling at me like that, okay? Just stop."

They were cute, but definitely creepy, and those pictures on their bellies made useful targets.

Peebee missed about half her shots, but that just meant she had one more thing to add to her list of things to work on.