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Getting to Know Your Own Backyard | Monday, Period 1

"It's going to be back to the asteroid belt this week," Kanan said, grinning his usual laid-back grin today as he waved the students onto Hera's ship. "Apparently that's where a lot of the interesting stuff lives, go figure. We'll be looking for one asteroid in particular this week. Maybe we can even get out and walk, again."

He figured it had to have enough gravitational pull to keep the students from bouncing off into space. For reasons that would be obvious in a minute.

"We don't exactly have a map," Hera said, "but we do know where its orbit puts it at the moment. And this one's…"


Kanan was helpful.

"I was going to say 'distinctive', but 'lumpy' works," Hera said. "Also, it's got its own moon!"

Now that was cute, Kanan.

"That too," Kanan chuckled. "The asteroid in question is called 243 Ida, or just Ida for short, and while it's not the largest thing in the asteroid belt - that distinction goes to Ceres, which counts as both a dwarf planet and an asteroid because space gets complicated if you let it - it is massive enough to have its very own little moon caught in its gravitational pull. The moon's name is Dactyl, and it's roughly about a kilometer and a half in diameter."

Which, on a cosmic scale, made it downright adorable.

"Ida's not all that much bigger, and it's apparently two big objects smushed together," Hera said helpfully as they took off. So keep an eye out for it! We might be able to walk on it, even, but we'll have to put Chopper on grapple duty just in case."

"You guys would make pretty lousy asteroids," Kanan agreed.

Because he was the most helpful teacher ever.
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Re: Sign in!

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Re: Ida and Dactyl

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Yeah, that was Peebee peering out at Dactyl. "Awwww. Who's a cute itty bitty moon?"
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Re: Talk to the Teachers!

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Kanan's here, keeping an eye out for any drifters.

... Not drifters like he was a drifter. Drifters like kids floating off into space never to be seen or heard from again. At least until he flies off to fetch them. Which he would do, of course. None of the students in this class were so annoying that he'd consider otherwise...