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Archaeology: 2 Fun 2 Profit [Tues, 1st Period]

"You came back," Aphra greeted her class cheerfully, almost like she wasn't sure any of them would do so. "I'm so proud of all of you. Except the new guy, but I'm sure that'll change. Probably. Maybe." Sorry, Hyacinthe.

"Anyway, since doing the same introductions as last time would be boring, today you get to exercise a valuable skill, improvisation!" She hit a switch on the side of the Danger Shop door, revealing a small room with a desk and a harried looking Imperial behind it. "Sometimes it's a good idea to be...less than truthful about who you are and why you're coming to a planet, even for a respectable archaeologist." She guessed.

Aphra made finger guns at the Imp and his terrible moustache. "So, your job today is to have a nice friendly chat with this guy here and be be convincing enough it doesn't turn into an unfriendly chat."
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Re: Interro-...uh Improvisations - 2Arch2Fun [01]

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"My name is Anafiel no Delauney," Hyacinthe said smoothly. "I come from Siovale, and I'm here to see the sights. Tourism is a grand thing, no?"
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Re: Interro-...uh Improvisations - 2Arch2Fun [01]

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"Are they constantly tinkering with something or did they just piss the wrong person off?" Hyacinthe asked with a knowing laugh. "There's a reason that the rest of us leave."