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Philosophy of Food | Friday, period 1

Hannibal nodded to his students when they'd all arrived. "Today is our last class. Never fear," he said, smiling, "there will not be a final exam.

"It is said that a good teacher learns as much from his students as they from him, so I think a more fitting gauge of my teaching ability is for the final exam to be mine." He waved at the food on the table. "Today's food, you may thank your classmates for. Those of you who handwavily showed me how to create your foods, I hope I have done well enough by them. Those of you who elected to write an essay," he sighed, "well, I return them to you, printed on edible paper.

"For today's discussion, I should like for you to each tell me one thing you have learned from this class, and one way in which it may inform your future eating."
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Eric Bittle
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Summer had to admit, she was a little intrigued to see if Dr. Lecter would fancify the traditional Smith family dinner of her childhood: boxed mac'n'cheese with cut-up hot dogs mixed in, with apple slices on the side.

Beth Smith: great horse surgeon, mediocre mom. And Jerry was just...Jerry.

"I think," she added, "the thing I took away from this class thr most is that food is really, really weird if you think about it too much, so just don't think about it too much and just enjoy, because it's also really cool stuff."

Aren't you so proud, Hannibal?