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Japanese Art, Friday, Period Two

"Good morning, class," Nathan said, giving a little nod to his students and then gesturing to a selection of porcelain and ceramic dishes and vases on the table in front of them. "Today we're going to be breaking things. And then putting them back together again."

Which was a little against the spirit of the whole thing, but he'd get to that shortly.

"We're doing kintsugi today, literally golden joinery. Traditionally, it's meant to take a broken cherished item and to repair it, embellishing the cracks with gold as a means of showing its history and embracing the beauty of it. So it's somewhat counter to the point when I do something like this..."

Yes. Yes, that was Nathan picking up a vase and smashing it on the floor.

It was a nice catharsis, though. He continued talking as he picked up the pieces and arranged them back into some rough semblance of the vase they once were.

"The traditional method also takes about a week to dry completely before we can even move on to the next step, and anybody who has a broken item they'd like to repair the proper way is welcome to come and ask me about the process any time. But, as this is our final class, and it's significantly shorter than twelve days long, we're going to cheat some more."

This actually kind of pained him. But for a high school art class, he figured that so long as he was being straightforward about this stuff, he'd at least done due diligence. He held up a tube of epoxy glue and a small container of gold dust. The process itself wasn't so different, really. It was the materials that were somewhat improvised.

"We start by mixing some of the gold dust into the adhesive until it's evenly distributed throughout. Then we paint it onto either side of our break, press together, and hold until dry." A pause. "We'd be finding some other way to hold the pieces together if we were using the more traditional adhesives, like tonoko powder or rice flour. We already know that Japanese art often values patience, but a line has to be drawn for holding the pieces together for an entire week. Today, a couple of minutes should suffice. While the glue is still sticky, but not quite wet, we'll brush some more gold dust over it to add a bit more shine. Again, traditionally, we'd be adding another thin layer of our adhesive before adding more dust, but since our method today is significantly less time-consuming and we can catch it before it's completely dry, there's not much need. Today, most of the time we'll be taking will be in holding each piece together while it dries before moving on to the next, depending on how thoroughly broken your dish or vase is."

So, they were missing both a sentimental connection to their items and the traditional adhesives for this process. But in the end, at least what they'd have would be pretty. So they had that going for them.
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Re: Kintsugi

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Khadgar had picked up that part of the point of this was to therapeutically break something, but he didn't have it in him to smash anything really hard. It just seemed... disrespectful to do in front of a teacher. So, he picked up a plate and dropped it, then dropped the pieces until he had a few pieces to glue back together.

The gold adhesive did look awfully pretty as he mixed it, which made him feel better.
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Re: Kintsugi

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Right, so when Merrill picked up a small porcelain vase and turned it over in her hands, trying to work up the willpower to actually break it, it -- slipped from her fingers and crashed on the floor.

So that worked out.

She seemed utterly charmed by the concept of kintsugi, though, and worked on putting the pieces back together with a singleminded focus that was almost a little bit scary, to tell the truth.
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Hannibal stuck his head in curiously, then came over to watch. "Kintsugi today, then?"
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Hannibal nodded. "I've always rather hoped broken things would come together on their own, with the right sort of prodding." He chuckled. "But there's a beauty to the damaged and repaired, with the right material in the cracks."
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Re: Talk to Algren

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"You don't have to be a professional to appreciate the beauty of broken and mended things," Hannibal said.
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"This looks...potentially traumatic," Steve ventured.
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"What if there's nothing left to put back together?" Steve wondered.
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Re: Talk to Algren

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"So this really isn't about throwing as catharsis?" Steve, breaker of giant punching bags and sometimes aliens, checked.
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Re: Talk to Algren

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Steve smiled. "I can understand the art behind trying to put something back together, too."

He'd been working on it in terms of personal growth for a few years now. He didn't think his cracks were filled with gold, though.
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Re: Talk to Algren

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"I learned patience last week," Steve said teasingly.
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"I'll break something carefully," Steve decided. "Not like Thor. Or Hulk."

...Steve had fairly violent friends, now that he thought about it.
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Re: Talk to Algren

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"Have you seen Space Battles?" he asked. "I'm going to start wondering why your grammar isn't weird if you keep up with the wise mentor thing."

He grinned. "Let's try the moderation. I can always go back to the other thing, right?"
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Re: Talk to Algren

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And not being roommates with Tony, who took Steve's pop culture ignorance as a personal insult.

Steve picked out a vase and gave it a little shake. "Maybe if I just drop it instead of throw it?"
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Re: Talk to Algren

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Steve put it up over his head, then tossed it towards the ground.

...that was a lot of pieces, Steve.
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Re: Talk to Algren

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"...that's going to be a lot of glue," Steve said. "Sorry."
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Heck, I think Hannibal would be the type to epoxy it.

Especially now that he has cats. >.>