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Archaeology for Fun and Profit! [Tues, 1st Period]

Today the Danger Shop resembled a small testing chamber with a panel consisting of several very humourless looking sentients at the front of the room.

"So archaeology is all about paperwork and death-traps, which hopefully you've noticed by now." What with all the paperwork and death-traps that Aphra had included in this class so far. "Sometimes you even combine the two in what some people, mostly boring ones, call a 'project review'. So you get to explain your work to these fine gentlebeings."

Aphra grinned at them and flashed a thumbs up. "Break a leg!"
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Jason Lee Scott
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Shiemi Moriyama
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Kaylin Neya
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Shiemi took a breath and stepped forward.

"Hello. Ano..." Another breath. A serious smile. "The sites that we have been studying have produced some, ah, intriguing results. Included in some have been representations of flora that have I cannot find identified anywhere but, uhhm. Appear to be important in certain rituals."

And she thought they had been pretty. Despite mostly being painted on bait objects or carved onto death trap triggers. "Research indicates that the current dig may hold even more information and pictures!"

If only on more death trap triggers.

Shiemi looked up at the review panel... Was that one asleep?!?

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Shiemi was not one to give up. At least, not once she'd made up her mind to do something.

"And uhm. The funds that we have been given so far..." She frowned and flipped a page in her class notebook. "The funds...Uhm. Ano..."

She turned and stage whispered to the teacher, "Sensei? I can't find my notes about any funding! When did we get money?"
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Re: Question Three - ArchFun [07]

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Shiemi blinked at the question... Jogan fruit?

"Ano." Think fast, Shiemi! "That... was the agreed upon fee for being safely escorted to the location of the site?"
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Shiemi was totally not looking at the teacher. Nope.

"Someone substituted a different fruit jam." A cheaper fruit jam.
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Re: Question Five - ArchFun [07]

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"Well, uhm. There was a discussion of terms that continued long into the night and, Uhm. There was an exchange of gift and then suddenly the site broke out in flames."


Please don't ask more. Please don't ask more. Please don't...
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Re: Question Six - ArchFun [07]

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ahhhhh. They asked more.

Shiemi sighed and rubbed the back of her neck. "Ano... One of the locals had some really interesting looking plants and..." She sighed again. "I heard someone call it a "fire bush" but I'm pretty sure it's just a descriptive name. Besides, I only bought one and it's really small. Barely a seedling."

She was, of course, not mentioning the fact that she'd seen the vendor, who wasn't supposed to even be in the camp, tossing the rest of the plants at the supply tent and then run away as the tent caught fire...
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