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Show and Tell, Tuesday, Period Two

"So," Sparkle said, smiling wryly. "Last week of show and tell, and this week I'm leaving it up to you guys again. Not because I'm gonna, like, grade you on what you figure is worth sharing with the class or anything. This workshop is purely participation points. But because I've been giving you guys topics all summer and figure you might want to come up with your own, now."

And with that, he held up a little two-gallon fish tank with a double-tailed betta inside and grinned.

"This is Milady," he shared. "I got Milady last October when I was in an 'in America for Canadian Thanksgiving' funk, and I left her at Demon Marcus for a while. Alluka's the one who named her; Milady is a 100% certified AMAB trans-lady-fish, mostly because I didn't have the heart to correct her about that, and it isn't like Milady cares all that much either way. She's a fish." He grinned faintly. "A few months back, Milady came back home with me because I kind of needed some company at the time, and like a moron I forgot to leave a note explaining why she disappeared. So when Alluka decided that Milady had gone on grand adventures, Milady started sending postcards."

Sparkle laid out some copies of half-decently photoshopped pictures of the fish against such backdrops as the Statue of Liberty, Stonehenge, and the moon.

"I'm kind of jealous of her adventures, honestly. Milady is one well-travelled fish."

Milady was the best fish.

"Okay, your turn!"
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"JUST A SECOND!" Pinkie shrieked, and went zooming out of the room. A few minutes later, she was back, heaving a large gift-like box through the door with some effort.

"Today I'm going to show you all one of my most prized possessions." She lifted the box up, revealing a pink, blue, and yellow cannon. "My party cannon!" She draped herself over the gun and patted it lovingly. "I couldn't bring my two I have back at home through the portal with me when I fell through, obviously, but I found this puppy in the back of an abandoned party store on the other side of town and just had to have it. Nothing makes a party truly amaze-tastic like firing one of these puppies off and decorating the whole place in one shot." She sat up and grinned at Sparkle. "Wanna see?"
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Pinkie grinned wide at that enthusiasm and grabbed onto the cannon's firing cord. "Everybody duck! This room isn't NEARLY as big as the gym back home."

She pulled the cord and out shot confetti, streamers, and balloons. It wasn't quite as magical an effect as pony-Pinkie's cannon, which could actually fire entire cakes and party hats and have them land perfectly atop tables and heads in the correct order, but it was definitely more magical than your average confetti cannon.

If nothing else, it fired and evenly distributed a crap-ton of confetti, streamers, and balloons.

"Final class day party!" Pinkie cried, arms in the air. "Wooooooooo!"
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Baby. This was Pinkie you were talking to.

She dug into her bag and pulled out a container full of cupcakes. "You can use my emergency stash if you want!"
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Re: Show and Tell

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"I know."