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Library, Wednesday

Peridot was looking only slightly crazed this morning as she skulked her way into the library, hair dishevelled and flanked by a pair of her occasional gremlin minions. They weren't looking particularly bitey today. Just marginally concerned for Peridot's well-being.

Somebody had been caught off-guard by the fireworks last night and had spent the entirety of the fireworks show and a good portion of the night thereafter huddled between two boulders out on the rocky bits, convinced that warrior Gems from Homeworld had arrived and were going to shatter her or drag her back to Yellow Diamond.

It hadn't been pretty.

So if anybody needed Peridot in the library today, she was here! She was just hiding under her desk while a pair of gremlins helped pick stray pebbles from her hair.

[OOC: Open! Don't mind the gremlins. If you don't provoke the Gremlin Queen, you'll be fine.]