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The Healing Power of Crystals, Wednesday

For class today, Deadpool had a bucket of crystals. Which might have been the same bucket he'd used for glitter, so it was extra sparkly.

"I found these magical crystals outside. Figure out what they mean for your chakras or something."

And that was it for the lecture it would seem as he dropped the bucket onto his desk for people to just grab some crystals.

They all had 99 cent price tags on them, so you just knew they possessed magic. And that he probably stole them. So. Yeah.
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Re: Sign In

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Shiemi Moriyama
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Re: Take a Crystal

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Peridot hesitated for a moment, and then reached to pick up one of the... crystals.

It wasn't a sentient crystal the way she was, but it was interesting to look at.

"Yes, this is definitely a fluorite," she muttered. And then waved her hands around a little as though that was supposed to be some sort of great revelation. If sarcastically.

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Re: Take a Crystal

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Because Anakin had occasionally been a very, very bad influence, Ahsoka made the random handful of crystals she picked float with the Force.

"Oh, wow, they must be really magical," she deadpanned.
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Re: Take a Crystal

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Summer quirked an eyebrow, glancing over from where she had unsuccessfully been trying to peel the 99 cent stickers off a few of her crystals.

"That's totally you doing that and not the crystals, right?"

She (surprisingly, really) knew nothing about the Force yet, so, yes, that's how convinced she was that everything in this class had to be crap. But if there was a slight possibility...

No. Just no. Not even a slight possibility.

"Nevermind, stupid question."
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Re: Take a Crystal

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"All me," Ahsoka confirmed in an undertone before raising her voice. "No, it is the magic of the crystals."
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Re: Take a Crystal

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Following Ahsoka's lead, Khadgar picked up one of the bigger crystals, and chilled it in his hand until it snapped in two.

"Ooh, now this one is twice as magical," he said.
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Re: Take a Crystal

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Shiemi blinked and took a few of the crystals back to her desk. Hmmm.


"Ah!" A few quick quick movements and

She giggled a little, then scooped them back into a pile, hoping no one saw her.
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Re: Talk to the Teacher/TA

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Just no.
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This post made me snicker out loud at work, so thank you for that. :D
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I look forward to it. :D