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The Healing Power of Crystals, Wednesday

The teacher wasn't in the classroom when class started. No, he was wandering in about five minutes later, loaded down with some convention swag.

Some might have had a little blood on it. You know. From the usual convention... cage matches.

Okay, he stole all of it. Literally all of it.

"Oh yeah, I have a class today. Sorry, I don't care about it." That was blunt. "Just bein' honest here. You know, cards on the table. Though I need to set radio straight on me wanting you kids to take this less seriously. If you're good maybe we can have a party at the end of it. If you're bad... I'm gonna pelt you with crystals. Mmkay?"

He nodded like the pact was sealed.

"Okay, I've got some slightly damaged convention exclusives to sell on E-Bay. You all stay frosty."

Oh yeah, he was gonna win teacher of the year for sure now.
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Re: Listen to the... Deal?

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Khadgar was more focused on the things Deadpool had than on what he'd said. Once he was gone, he looked to his classmates. "All right, those things had blood on them, right? I wasn't just seeing things?"
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Re: Listen to the... Deal?

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You know, now that he mentioned it...

"Ketchup," Summer reasoned. "It was probably just...ketchup, right?"

It was...weird that blood seemed more plausible, actually, wasn't it?
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Re: Listen to the... Deal?

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"Y-yes?" Shiemi had seen enough that she didn't have to think twice. "That... was blood."


"And a lot of..."

were those keychains?
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