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Best Defence 2: The Defencening [Thurs, Period 2]

There were no dragons in the Danger Shop today. Woe. They looked to be on the steps of the School, which probably didn't bode well for why they weren't just doing this out there.

"So, teamwork," Cara said, once they'd arrived. "If you've got it, you're vastly more effective, if you don't you're a lot more likely to get killed. So you're going to pair up, and recreate one of the many island invasions."

Spoiler, it was the monster bunnies.
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Re: Sign In - BD2 [02]

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Jason Lee Scott
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Re: Sign In - BD2 [02]

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Re: Pair Up! - BD2 [02]

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Right, okay, Jason had not too long ago gone through a whole near-death-experience thing about the Value Of Teamwork. He could do this! He just... needed a partner.
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Re: Talk to Cara or the TA - BD2 [02]

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"This will end well," Cassandra sighed.
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Re: Talk to Cara or the TA - BD2 [02]

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"Simply hitting them would likely be moreso," Cassandra said.