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Vehicle Proficiency (and Woodworking), Thursday

Nope, Magnus still hadn't figured out how to get the Danger Shop to do exactly what he wanted, but he had--through trial and error and some decent skill checks--gotten it go look a little bit like the dusty badlands outside of Goldcliff.

Score one for him!

"So, I haven't gotten a real battle-wagon to show up here, but we have loads of parts!" Magnus said. Because he wasn't a fucking necromancer and this shit was a little too close to Wonderland for his tastes. "And it's important for us to understand how what we operate works, right?"

He did not expect an answer, but he'd gladly something to the affirmative.

"Still working on that arcane core thing to power it, but I'm sure Taako can order one or two if I bring him enough Starbucks."

He clapped his hands together, rubbing them like he was planning something. "How about we split into teams and at the end of the summer, you kids can race each other."

Oh thank Pan for the safety features here.
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Re: Sign In

[personal profile] sprinklesgoboom 2017-07-13 03:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Pinkie Pie, one!
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Re: Sign In

[personal profile] thatsweirdright 2017-07-14 04:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Jason Lee Scott, two

So it turns out typing in the reply dialogue box and not clicking 'post comment' will not, in fact, post your comment
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Re: Sign In

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FN-2187, one shhhhh I was here all along
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Re: Meet Your Team - Team 1

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Pinkie was 100% going to recommend matching t-shirts for team one.
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Re: Meet Your Team - Team 1

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"Badass," Dante decided.

Whether that was a name suggestion or general commentary, he'd leave in the middle.
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Re: Meet Your Team - Team 1

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"Ooo!" Pinkie looked around. "Where?!"
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Re: Meet Your Team - Team 2

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Sure, Peridot was absolutely interested in meeting her teammates. Honest. Truly.

Okay, no, she was already wandering over to look at the materials they had to work with, because she had vehicle proficiency and she was not afraid to use it.

Low charisma, though. She always got dinged on those charisma rolls.