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The Magic of Plants, Wednesday, Per 3

"Time to get messy!" Karla crowed when it was time for class to start. "Well, Danger Shop messy, so you'll be fine after class, but until then, I hope you're prepared to spend the hour turning interesting colors. Today, we'll be learning how to make inks from plants, but since different types of plants are in season at different times of the year, we have to rely on a little bit of technological help."

The Danger Shop opened up to a field that couldn't exist in nature. Oak trees were putting forward new leaves next to elderberry trees with branches heavy with fruits and walnut trees, their roots all but covered by fallen nuts. Flowers were in full bloom and so were many kinds of different berries. Patches of beets and carrots and ripe tomatoes could be found just by looking. Most incongruous were the workstations littered about; counters and stovetops with bowls, mesh strainers, mortars and pestles, empty glass bottles and more.

"At its base, ink is just watery pigment and you can get pigment from damn near anything," Karla explained. "People have been making ink from ground up beetles, gemstones, and yes, plants, for millennia." She frowned. "I think millennia for most of you? I don't know when your ancient civilizations invented ink. No matter. Making ink is incredibly easy, though it can be time-consuming. We'll be cheating a bit today so you can have the full experience, but most flowers and berries can produce a simple ink in about a half an hour."

She headed over to the trees, stopping between an oak and a walnut tree. "Black ink can come from three pretty simple sources. Oak galls, black walnuts, and acorns." She turned over a leaf and showed the class the big green lump on the other side. "Oak galls come from wasps laying eggs on the underside of the leaves. As the larvae develop, the tree secretes tannic and gallic acids, which result in this--an oak gall or an oak apple. These can be harvested and dried and used to make gallic ink." Karla plucked the gall from a leaf and it immediately turned dry and brittle in her hands. "We're skipping the drying process for now. Walnuts are another way to get a good, solid ink. Using boiled walnuts, you can end up with a deep, rich ink that lasts for a long time."

She snagged several of the walnuts from the ground, calling in a nutcracker to open one up and eat the meat inside. "You've got about twenty minutes to gather as many different sources of pigment as you can," she said, nodding to the baskets that were stacked by the individual stations. "Collect as many as you'd like and then head back to your stovetops. There are a variety of instructions there to explain your next steps. Be aware, though..." She held up her hand, fingertips already stained darker by the tannins in the walnut shells, "...this is not a neat process. Go!"
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Re: Sign in #2

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Alluka Zoldyck
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Re: Sign in #2

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Gratuity Tucci
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Re: Sign in #2

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Shiemi Moriyama
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Re: Sign in #2

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Kaylin Neya
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Re: Listen to the Lecture

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That oak gall was weird and creepy looking -- at least to a city girl like Tip.

She took pictures and sent them to J.Lo. Weird and creepy was fun!
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Re: Listen to the Lecture

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Right out the gate, with a warning like "Time to get messy!", Summer had really, really wished she'd worn one of her other pink tank tops. And why did she have to wear white pants with everything? She was not made for this sort of thing, although it did sound a little interesting.

Except maybe the inks out of gemstones thing. That just made her feel awkward now.
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Re: Listen to the Lecture

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Shiemi had a notebook out and was taking notes. Sure she knew lots of this already, but she didn't know everything.

Also, she was still forgetting to use the proper terms for things when referring to plants and she really needed the reminders.
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Re: Frolic!

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Tip didn't know what half -- or more -- of these things were, but she was reasonably certain she'd recognize poison ivy, and even more certain that a teacher would have to warn them if she programmed it into the Danger Shop, and most certain that even if the other two weren't true, she wouldn't end up with a rash later anyway, because holograms. So she was happily rooting through various plants and picking anything that looked even remotely interesting and like it might be useful to make colors.
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Re: Frolic!

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Not sure what they were going to be requested to do with the ink, Shiemi made sure to gather a number of different sets of ingredients.
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Re: Make Your Ink!

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Green vitriol was a nice sort of alchemical kind of name, and Tip was slightly disappointed when she looked it up on her phone and saw that it was an iron alloy.

Thanks, science.

Still, it was fun to mix spooky labelled powders together and stir them around and cackle quietly to herself while she watched the liquid turn, as though by magic, into ink.
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Re: Make Your Ink!

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This was a process Khadgar knew about, but never got to actually do, so he was eagerly soaking walnuts and getting his fingers dirty without much worry, since this was so very cool.
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Re: Make Your Ink!

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Shiemi's favourite had to be the avocado. It came out such a pretty red colour!

Though the dark rich walnut ink was also very nice.
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Re: Make Your Ink!

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Summer was mostly attempting to get as close to a pink color as she could, just because, all the while trying to see if she could manage to do it without getting messy.

It appeared as though she was failing on both accounts.
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Re: Have Fun!

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Tip set to work drawing a quick, simple comic about her adventures in ingredient gathering. And set lots more pictures to J.Lo.

He was very, very jealous.
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Re: Further Thoughts

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Alluka was not exactly a deep thinker. Nor was she very well-versed on plants.

... Or pretty much anything except for clothes and stuffed animals.


Still, she was trying.
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Re: Further Thoughts

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Good luck with that, Kathy.

Alluka giggled.

"Drinking!" she said. "So, so it'd be juice if it wasn't all in your hand?"

Was hand-juice a thing?
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Re: Further Thoughts

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Shiemi's hand shot up.

"Medicine!" Shiemi's personal favourite, though she had a whole long list, Sensei. "Animal habitats. Housing materials. Clothing... Ah. Maybe not in this type of meadow..."

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Re: Talk to the TA

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Lucille was here, and she might discuss poisonous plants with you. Or smirk behind your back if you change colour.