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Understanding American Holidays, Monday - 3rd Period

"Alright, welcome back to class. I hope your weekend was fun," Tony said. "Today we'll be moving onto the next major holiday of the season: Labor Day."

He made a bit of a face.

"Okay, so 'major' might be pushing it, but it's still a holiday people spend money on. It generally marks the last gasp of summer vacation and a three day weekend of sales. We celebrate in style like that," he said dryly.

America was great like that, kids. It just was.

"That's... honestly about it. It's sort of a throw away holiday. So, today will be a movie day for you all. Enjoy."
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Gratuity Tucci
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Kaylin Neya
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"Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays," murmured Summer, because, come on, how could she not? But she was only doing it to be annoying; discovering that movie days would totally be a thing at this school like any other school made her way happier than it should.