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Getting to Know Your Own Backyard Two, Monday, Period 1

"Hi, everybody." Hera was grinning today, visibly a bit excited. "Hope everyone's doing okay." She waved them all into the ship, hurrying just a little. "Today we're going to explore this system's main asteroid belt."

"We flew through it a few times on our way past Mars last term," Kanan offered. It's located more or less between it and Jupiter, and it is karking huge."

Just take a moment to once again appreciate that you hadn't been flattened by giant space rocks in classes past, kids.

"We're going to spend a bit more time in it today," Hera said. "No landings, but a lot of fun flying!" Hence her exuberance. Hey, she hadn't done this in a while just for fun.

Okay, since Saturn last term. Still.

"If you haven't noticed," Kanan added, "Hera likes this sort of thing. Don't worry, I'll be up manning the turret just in case. But I don't think we'll really need it."

Welcome to Kanan and Hera's class, where sometimes your teacher said he was going to man the blaster cannon so that you wouldn't all literally die from impact with a large piece of space debris.

"We really won't. But it never hurts to be extra safe," Hera said. "So, shall we?" She was grinning again.

Kanan gave a little salute as he climbed up the ladder into the Ghost's main turret. A moment later, he was calling down at the class over the ship's comm system in order to actually do something resembling a lecture while they made their way to the asteroid belt.

"Asteroids are pretty straightforward. Mostly they're irregularly shaped bits of rock and sometimes ice. This asteroid belt is also home to a few minor planets, the largest of which is Ceres, which we might pay a visit to another day." Because it wasn't terribly likely that Hera was going to get bored of flying in and out from between asteroids today. "The mass of the whole asteroid belt is only about four percent of that of the moon. So it really just goes to show... either how densely packed Earth's moon is, or just how much sprawl it could have if you blew it up or something."

He shrugged. Not that anybody could see, since he was up manning the gun and all.

"Yeah, let's not try blowing up any moons," Hera said with an eyeroll. They'd done that already once; that was enough. Besides, they were short on Baradium.

Hey, hey, they'd saved that moon!

But point taken.

"No moons," Kanan promised. "Only asteroids."

This class was gonna be fun.
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Re: Sign In

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Eric Bittle
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Re: Asteroids!

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...Yeah, Eric had his phone out and was filming the view out the screen today.

He would probably be editing out that close call with the asteroid, though, not because it wasn't a good shot or anything, but because the footage also included Eric's own undignified shriek as they came way too close for his liking before Kanan blew the thing up.
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Re: Asteroids!

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Hera grinned over at him. "Don't worry; we know what we're doing. I'm not out to kill anybody."

Or even to damage the Ghost; it'd take a lot more than one of these things to kill them all.
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Re: Talk to the Teachers

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And Hera was behind the controls, weaving all around the asteroids in a way that should make everyone very glad for inertial dampers.