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Best Defence 2: The Defencening [Thurs, Period 2]

Cara had her class meet her in the Danger Shop, which was never a good sign. They seemed to be at the bottom of a rocky gorge

"Despite the fact I already know who most of you are, we have to do introductions," she said, handing each student a long stick. "So I decided to make things interesting." Which wasn't at all ominous.

"Instead of the just standing there and telling me your name and all that, you can tell me while doing something fun." A roar echoed throughout the gorge. "Namely fighting a dragon."

With long sticks. That weren't even pointy.
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Re: Sign In - BD2 [01]

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Jason Lee Scott
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Re: Sign In - BD2 [01]

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Re: Introductions (and dragon fighting) - BD2 [01]

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Oh gods, oh gods, why had Khadgar decided this was the summer to learn about fighting and defense? "Um, I'm Khadgar, and I've never actually fought a dragon before," he said. The stick was pretty useless, so he shot a bolt of freezing ice at it instead.
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Re: Talk to Cara or the TA - BD2 [01]

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"Ugh," Cassandra sighed, dodging under the dragon's head.

Why must she always be forced to fight such creatures?

To be fair, the dragon was moderately surprised by being punched in the face.