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Woodworking (and Vehicle Proficiency), Thursday - 1st Period

Well, it was the last class of the session... somehow. The summer was just dying by, wasn't it?

"So, we didn't get into vehicle proficiency this time, but if I'm still here next time, we'll get to that!" Magnus said brightly. "I want you all to know that I'm very proud of your progress with the ducks. Very proud."

He nodded to emphasize that and it wasn't even a deception!

"So, how about this class we spend carving one last duck."

Or just a duck butt.
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Re: Sign In

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Re: Carve that Duck

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Peridot was going to have so many ducks in her life.

So. Many.

This one at least had the appropriate number of butts.
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Re: Carve that Duck

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By this point, the things Khadgar was carving did actually look like ducks, at least.

In the rubber ducky sense, but still, progress!