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"Today," Hannibal said once everybody had arrived, "we are going to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. That is the capital city in a country far to the east of here. The Mongolian people come from a nomadic tradition, and much of their cuisine is meat- and dairy-based. There are also a number of influences from neighboring traditions."

He led them through the portal and onto a fairly ordinary-looking street across from, of all things, a mall. "Our restaurant for the day will be Modern Nomads." There was a coffee shop across from this one, too. At least it wasn't an American chain? "You will find many traditional foods here, from bone soup to noodle dishes. Lamb is a popular meat."

He led them into the restaurant. "They use local meats and ingredients, and also include plenty of greens for those of you who might prefer not to eat so much meat. I'll be getting several of the sharing plates for the table. The local language is Mongolian, but many will also speak some English. Or," he added with a nod to Kaylin, "Chinese."

They were brought to their table, and he gestured for them to be seated. "Please enjoy, and as always, let me know if you have any questions."
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This week Magnus had discovered action movies. So, sorry kids. That was possibly just as awesome to him as Starbucks had been.

"I found this movie and it's just like battle-wagon racing. I mean, no magic, but still pretty sweet," Magnus said, bouncing on his toes excitedly. "So, keep this in mind for next week when we start tricking out our battle-wagons, kay?"

Yes, kids. It was a movie day.
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Once more into the breach Danger Shop, kids.

"So you're passably good at fighting bunnies." You didn't need to sound so amused about that, Cara. "But you clearly need to practice your sword and shield work."

She held up a shield. "To recap, you block with this." Then a sword. "And stab with this. If you have any questions, this is Cassandra's area of expertise."

Though they might want to ask them quickly since there was the unmistakable sound of bears approaching.
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The Danger Shop was a mall today: a mall that was all clothing stores in a vast array of styles. And class was meeting by an escalator, where Isabelle was standing next to a table. On the table were items that the students were going to find familiar.

"Everyone, pick up the weapons from our first class together," Isabelle said, gesturing at the weapons in question. "Today, we're going shopping."

Spoken like someone who loved shopping, and expected them to feel the same.

"Specifically, you're all going go around the mall and assemble outfits that are both stylis and also convenient for concealing whatever weapon you picked. And ––" She held up a finger. "–– before anyone complains about this putting some of you at a disadvantage because your weapons may be harder to conceal... Tough. That's part of the lesson." And she wasn't saying that unkindly. It genuinely was part of the lesson. "Sometimes you have to work around disadvantages, because life is not fair, and it's even less so when it comes to any meaningful form of fighting. So, best learn to live with it."

She'd been serious for a second there.

So, time for a smirk: "Now, off you go. Shop!"
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"So it seems like some people--" Deadpool paused to give Ahsoka and Khadgar a look. "--are making this class difficult and ruining it for everyone."

Mostly him.

"Mostly me. You think this is a real class? You think I show up for any other reason than that I get money and to make this one mad?" he demanded, jabbing a finger in Xanthippe's direction. "'Cause I don't. I'm not here to Good Will Hunting or Dead Poet Society you. I'm barely here to Night at the Museum you!"

He dropped one of those paperweight geodes on the ground at the front of the class, looking disappointed when it didn't shatter.

"Okay, that was supposed to be a dramatic mic drop, but it didn't work out. Just like life doesn't work out. But I'm going to leave you all here to think--really think about what you've done. And be ashamed of yourselves." Deadpool shook his head at the lot of them before gathering together what might have just been blank sheets of paper on his desk before walking out.

Then, after a moment, popped his head back into the classroom.


And then was gone.

Library, Wednesday

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 07:49 am
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Peridot was in a good mood today.

Like a really, really good mood.

There was humming involved, even, as she kicked back in her chair behind the desk and committed herself to reading through a book about metals on Earth and their multiple uses. She was so absorbed in it, in fact, that she either didn't notice or didn't care about the three-ring circus that the books were putting on, complete with tightrope and flying trapeze.

[ooc: Open!]
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There were four roly-poly puppies with Karla today, looking very solemn and trying to sit very still, even though their little noses were twitching like crazy taking in all these new scents. "Hello!" Karla greeted the class, making no mention of the four puppy-sized balls of floof by her feet. "Today we're going to learn to make essential oils from plants. Essential oils are basically the building blocks of anything with fragrance, from perfumes to scented candles to lotions and creams. Various types of essential oils have different uses; a few drops of clove and rosemary oils in a diffuser can make your home smell lovely, while several drops of lemongrass oil can keep mosquitos away, and just lemon oil is a natural cleanser. Essential oils made from even just one plant can have multiple uses. Lavender, for example, is said to be a calming scent, and can be added to teas to act as a stomach soother, and can help with insomnia. Because it's such a multipurpose oil, today we're going to learn how to make lavender essential oils, though this method can be used with any scented plant you have access to."

There were multiple homemade distilleries set up, one for each student, and at each station was a large armload of dried lavender plants. The distilleries were made up of pressure cookers, rubber tubing, a bucket of ice, and an essencier. "If you finish in an hour, you can make bath salts," Karla continued, pointing to her desk where yet more items were piled. "And, if you finish that, too..." One of the puppies managed to fall over. From a sitting position, yes. Karla knelt and scooped him up. "If you finish making the oils and the bath salts and there's still time? There are puppies to play with."

Library, Tuesday

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017 12:13 pm
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So, this weekend had been very strange, and Khadgar was just grateful he hadn't embarrassed himself too badly. Now, he was looking through books on alternate dimensions for fun, although he'd been surprised by how small Fandom's collection on the subject was, all things considered. The books were blissfully quiet, and he hoped they stayed that way.
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The class were once again in the Danger Shop, in front an a very impressive looking, very old vault door.

"So one thing they don't really tell you about archaeology is that you need an eye for detail, since sometimes the only difference between a significant find and a bunch of junk is that the first is really, really old junk. It can take years to learn how to tell valuable junk from the rest of the garbage." There were a great many reasons she'd gotten into focusing on droids and weapons, and only most of them involved credits. "But since I'm awesome, instead of picking through trash, I'm gonna go have you try and find specific items from this vault here, because hey, even when it's all valuable some loot's better than others. But there's a time limit, so look fast."

Also people were going to start shooting at them halfway through, but Aphra figured she'd let that be a surprise. Keep them on their toes.
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"Since apparently last week was 'too cold'," and yes, a slightly bruised-looking Anakin was using air quotes on that, "this week will be a lot warmer." He made a face. "Off to the desert you go. You deserve it."

Ugh. Sand. Soooo much sand. "Welcome to Namibia, a country in southern Africa. Put on sunscreen. I don't want to deal with surburned, whiny students."

And Anakin knew whining. He'd done more than his share of it when he'd woken up on the beach yesterday with a mouth that tasted like raw teal deer and bruising from a stampede of alots on his back.
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Who just tried to log in with their old LJ name? Not this girl, nope...

Yes, it's time again for applications! To apply, read the following information, click the link to the application form, fill it out for the character you want to play, and send it off!

The basics you need to know )
What’s needed to apply )
Early applications )
What happens once you’ve applied )
Notes for Current Players )
Notes for New Players )

Application Form (This is a GDoc which you can copy and paste into or attach to an e-mail, then send to us at fandomhighadmins dot iambicnut dot com.)

You only need to fill out the parts that are relevant to the type of character you are applying for (ie: if you're a student applicant, don't fill in the stuff marked 'Townies Only').

If you don't get a confirmation email from us within 24 hours, please email us!

Applications close August 13th at 11:59pm Pacific. The next application session for students and teachers after this will be for the spring session in November.

Got a question? We're here to answer it!
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The classroom this week was decorated with orange and black and the occasional cobweb to really drive the point home of what might be the theme of the day.

One teacher was dressed up in a costume that had something to do with the weekend he'd had. "Welcome back. Hopefully your weekend wasn't too awful."

His involved building a hot tub on the roof of his building. Honestly, he was impressed that it was structurally stable.

The other one was slightly better? Maybe? "Today we're going to discuss Halloween," Steve said. "A holiday originally meant to celebrate the beginning of autumn--Samhain, in Irish."

"All Hallows' Eve when Christianity showed up," Tony added. "The idea was that on that day, spirits could roam free as the barriers between worlds thinned."


"Which doesn't explain your outfit," Steve said. "At all."

"Ignore the jealous wolf in the room, kids," Tony said without missing a beat. "Somehow this tradition evolved into a sort of agreement of bribery. Treats would be given so the spirits would remain appeased and not harm anyone."

"That gradually morphed into paying the local kids off with candy so they didn't egg your door," Steve said dryly, "but only in certain countries, America being primary."

You couldn't see, but Tony was totally looking thoughtful about the egging. You could see the amazing cardboard helmet tilt to the side, though. "Capitalism at it's finest. In some cities it's a night for, well, some call it mischief. Others call it massive amounts of public and private property damage and vandalism."

And drinking. Always drinking.

"We're not going to encourage you in the mischief," Steve said sternly, "but we're giving you a bunch of costuming options. Pick one out and tell us why you chose it."

"And you get candy out of the deal to prepare for the holiday. The good stuff." He didn't let Steve pick old people candy. You're welcome.

Library, Monday

Monday, July 17th, 2017 10:01 am
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Tip had spent her morning explaining to J.Lo that the reason why she didn't call him all weekend was that she was another version of herself who'd befriended a Boov named "Oh" instead of one named "J.Lo" and helped defeat the Gorg by giving him back his children, who were all locked in a crystal on top of Smek's Grand Highboov staff.

J.Lo had responded by pouting and saying that if she was too busy to talk to him she should just say so instead of making up stupid stories, and hung up on her.

She spent her afternoon looking up self-help books on how to deal with co-dependent friends.

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"So, uh, did everyone here have a good weekend? Bad weekend? Mentally or emotionally scarring weekend? I was a cat for most of it," Kanan said, looking faintly irritated at the island in general, "and then I was naked in the park. I figure that means I just about break even. Either way," he glanced at Hera. "We're going for an easy week, this time around. Complete with enviro-suits and a moon walk."

Hera still wasn't entirely sure about this weekend, and was a bit more subdued than last week. "Your planet's own moon is low-gravity and lacks most of an atmosphere, but it's otherwise pretty good for walking around on. I bet it could be terraformed into a good place. For now, we'll still need those enviro-suits, though."

"They're not pretty, but they'll keep you from dying a horrible death in an airless void," Kanan agreed. And then tilted his head. "I guess it isn't everyone's planet here either, is it? Eric's moon. For the rest of us it's a loaner."

There you go, Eric. You had your very own moon.

"Suit up," Kanan continued, "and we'll get going. This is gonna at least be a quick trip there, and then we can walk around a bit. Enjoy the view. That sort of thing."

"I understand there's a few things up there from past trips, so maybe we can do a bit of scavenging, too," Hera said. "Clean the place up and get anything useful."

"If we find any interesting droids, maybe we can swap them out for Chopper," Kanan quipped. Aaaand then he laughed and made a little jog into the cockpit before Chopper could get him with that stunner of his.

Hera rolled her eyes.
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"Today we'll be talking about sciencing animals," Philomena said brightly. The chicken on her shoulder looked bored. "They say we're all made of the same stuff, like tissue paper and organs and bones and stuff. That's cos of a thing called evolution, which Charles Darwin invented in the 19th century. He wrote this book called the Origin of Species, and his invention was the big twist at the end: humans weren't special, we were made of bits of monkey."

She nodded sagely. She'd done a special on this. She knew stuff.

"Of course, it was a bit unrealistic, as twists go," she said, "Cos you can't see evolution, can you? Monkey bones--" Let's just say she didn't say 'bones' and leave it at that, "Aren't quite shaped as human bits, are they? They're sort of squishy and small, like little people, but harier."

What had this class been about, again? "Darwin claimed we were all family. Not just of monkeys, also of meerkats and rhinos and elephants and birds and beetles and squid and ants and cuttlefish and those weird spiny things that live underwater and maybe even like, flowers and plants and stuff, so really that bit of moss you find in the shower in the morning might be an aunt or an uncle." Beat. "Not sure where it keeps its bits, though."

She pointed at the chicken on her shoulder. "I think this one might be a cousin," she said. "I've got this uncle who looks a bit chickeny, like, or at least he walks funny, kind of like a squiggle." She mimed the squiggle with her fingers.

"Anyway, there's like, a big animal family tree that people drew, but I can't really read it 'cos I can't find my mum on it so it's hard to figure out where I started. Which also makes me doubt this Darwin chap, lazy bugger, couldn't actually be arsed to work all of this out. So I tried to work it out, but I got distracted."

Which would explain the large 'family tree' at the back of the class, which, upon closer inspection, made no sense at all. She'd just sort of filled things in where they made sense. Bees and birds were related, weren't they? Like directly. They made babies, anyway, which was a bit disgusting since they were family, kind of like hillbillies.

... which was scribbled right underneath that particular part of the tree.

"I need your help to finish it," she said. "So get your laptops out and help me fill this thing in. Don't forget to put yourselves in, like. Don't be like Darwin, he's a lazy f--"

Library, Saturday

Sunday, July 16th, 2017 12:11 am
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Beyond some undefinable tension in the Force, Ahsoka wasn't aware that there was anything strange going on this weekend. Well, anything strange in particular, since there was usually something strange going on around this place.

So mostly she was trying to figure out who had replaced mini Rex with a figure of some feathery lizard with tiny, tiny arms. They'd even painted it to match his armour.
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Settle in, kiddies, it was time for a Powerpoint presentation!

"The pyramids of Egypt!" Vanessa announced as said pyramids appeared on the screen. Next slide. "The pyramids of South America!" Next slide. "The Great Wall of China!" Next slide. "The Moai of Easter Island!" Next slide. "Stonehenge! What do these things all have in common? If you said 'they were built by brown people,' you're almost correct. Stonehenge is an outlier there. Although it was built by, I think, Celts, who later English people like to look down on, so there's that. If you said 'we have no idea why they were built,' you're wrong, but that's a common misconception: obviously the Egyptian pyramids were built as grain silos!" A beat, in which Vanessa remembered the composition of the student body. "That's a joke, by the way. They were tombs. And if you said 'a lot of people don't understand how ancient brown people, with their quote-unquote primitive technologies, could have built these structures, therefore aliens must have done it, ding ding ding, you get a prize!" Another pause. "Actually the Great Wall might have just been that movie with Matt Damon. I don't know. I didn't see it. Anyway. The idea is that the aliens wanted to awe the local people and be worshiped as gods, or the pyramids are secretly spaceships or whatever. And definitely a big heaping dollop of 'oh ancient brown people couldn't possibly have moved a giant rock.' So: racism. The pyramids were built by people. Sorry to disappoint. Now, what's a structure you think must have been built by aliens, and why? Personally I'm going with Trump Tower, because look at him."
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"Welcome, everybody," Hannibal said, nodding at them as they gathered at Portalocity. He was wearing a burgundy suit today with a fairly sedate dark paisley pocket square, all of which offset nicely what was wrapped around his neck.

Which was not a tie, but a bright, flame-colored snake. Hannibal saw some of the glances that was getting, and gestured at it. "This is my husband Jono, courtesy of the island. Please try not to annoy him, as he is highly venomous."

The snake stuck its tongue out at them.

"Today, we are going to Romania. This is a country in the eastern portion of the continent of Europe. Because of its location as a bit of a crossroads, its cuisine has been heavily influenced by many of its neighbors, though it does maintain a character of its own.

"We will be going to Bucharest, the capital city, to a restaurant called Caru' cu Bere." They stepped through the portal onto a cobblestone street lined with old buildings (please ignore the chain coffee shop down the road). "It is a brewery and bar as well as a restaurant, and they may also have music playing. I recommend trying both the stew and the cabbage rolls, as they are traditional. I will, as usual, be purchasing several items for the table."

He led them into the restaurant and to their seats.
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There were no dragons in the Danger Shop today. Woe. They looked to be on the steps of the School, which probably didn't bode well for why they weren't just doing this out there.

"So, teamwork," Cara said, once they'd arrived. "If you've got it, you're vastly more effective, if you don't you're a lot more likely to get killed. So you're going to pair up, and recreate one of the many island invasions."

Spoiler, it was the monster bunnies.
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Nope, Magnus still hadn't figured out how to get the Danger Shop to do exactly what he wanted, but he had--through trial and error and some decent skill checks--gotten it go look a little bit like the dusty badlands outside of Goldcliff.

Score one for him!

"So, I haven't gotten a real battle-wagon to show up here, but we have loads of parts!" Magnus said. Because he wasn't a fucking necromancer and this shit was a little too close to Wonderland for his tastes. "And it's important for us to understand how what we operate works, right?"

He did not expect an answer, but he'd gladly something to the affirmative.

"Still working on that arcane core thing to power it, but I'm sure Taako can order one or two if I bring him enough Starbucks."

He clapped his hands together, rubbing them like he was planning something. "How about we split into teams and at the end of the summer, you kids can race each other."

Oh thank Pan for the safety features here.
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For class today, Deadpool had a bucket of crystals. Which might have been the same bucket he'd used for glitter, so it was extra sparkly.

"I found these magical crystals outside. Figure out what they mean for your chakras or something."

And that was it for the lecture it would seem as he dropped the bucket onto his desk for people to just grab some crystals.

They all had 99 cent price tags on them, so you just knew they possessed magic. And that he probably stole them. So. Yeah.
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This week, they were meeting in a regular class room, where Isabelle was perched on the edge of the teacher's desk. She would've felt weird behind it, like she was the Consul or he Inquisitor or something.

She gave them a little wave. "Hi, and welcome back. Next week, we'll be getting to some of the meatier parts of this workshop, but today, I want to continue on from last week. Last week, you picked some weapons. This week, we'll talk about what it means to be fabulous."

Which was a philosophical conversation Isabelle had been born to have.

"I have my own view on that, but I want to hear what you think," she continued. "Also, if you came to this class for the 'fighting' part in the name and don't actually know what fabulous means, this is a great time to find out. Don't hesitate to comment on each other, too. If this goes in too orderly a fashion, I'll feel like I failed something."

She was probably joking about that. She gave them a smile, then pointed to a student at random.

"You go first. What does 'fabulous' mean to you?"

Library, Wednesday

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017 07:43 am
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There was a whole host of things that Peridot was confused about, after this past week. She came in for her library shift today with a list of things that didn't make any sense to her, making a note to read up on each and every thing she could possibly manage, today.

Starting with the botany section, which was disappointingly unable to explain to her what those flowers around the island on the weekend had been.

Okay. Next she was hitting up the dictionaries for the definition of 'Pride,' in case humans used it differently.

... They didn't. And her questions remained unanswered.

This was going to continue for a good portion of the day, yes.

[OOC: Open!]
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"Time to get messy!" Karla crowed when it was time for class to start. "Well, Danger Shop messy, so you'll be fine after class, but until then, I hope you're prepared to spend the hour turning interesting colors. Today, we'll be learning how to make inks from plants, but since different types of plants are in season at different times of the year, we have to rely on a little bit of technological help."

The Danger Shop opened up to a field that couldn't exist in nature. Oak trees were putting forward new leaves next to elderberry trees with branches heavy with fruits and walnut trees, their roots all but covered by fallen nuts. Flowers were in full bloom and so were many kinds of different berries. Patches of beets and carrots and ripe tomatoes could be found just by looking. Most incongruous were the workstations littered about; counters and stovetops with bowls, mesh strainers, mortars and pestles, empty glass bottles and more.

"At its base, ink is just watery pigment and you can get pigment from damn near anything," Karla explained. "People have been making ink from ground up beetles, gemstones, and yes, plants, for millennia." She frowned. "I think millennia for most of you? I don't know when your ancient civilizations invented ink. No matter. Making ink is incredibly easy, though it can be time-consuming. We'll be cheating a bit today so you can have the full experience, but most flowers and berries can produce a simple ink in about a half an hour."

She headed over to the trees, stopping between an oak and a walnut tree. "Black ink can come from three pretty simple sources. Oak galls, black walnuts, and acorns." She turned over a leaf and showed the class the big green lump on the other side. "Oak galls come from wasps laying eggs on the underside of the leaves. As the larvae develop, the tree secretes tannic and gallic acids, which result in this--an oak gall or an oak apple. These can be harvested and dried and used to make gallic ink." Karla plucked the gall from a leaf and it immediately turned dry and brittle in her hands. "We're skipping the drying process for now. Walnuts are another way to get a good, solid ink. Using boiled walnuts, you can end up with a deep, rich ink that lasts for a long time."

She snagged several of the walnuts from the ground, calling in a nutcracker to open one up and eat the meat inside. "You've got about twenty minutes to gather as many different sources of pigment as you can," she said, nodding to the baskets that were stacked by the individual stations. "Collect as many as you'd like and then head back to your stovetops. There are a variety of instructions there to explain your next steps. Be aware, though..." She held up her hand, fingertips already stained darker by the tannins in the walnut shells, "...this is not a neat process. Go!"
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Aphra had the movie theatre sim up and a bucket of popcorn.

"I had to come up with two classes last week because of Jedi hair emergencies." She was never going to let up with that, Anakin. "So, holo about how archaeology is a serious profession."

This was a lie. But it was a fun movie anyway.
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"For the record, I didn't have a hair emergency," Anakin said grumpily. "I had to watch my children unexpectedly and panicked. Today we're going to Antartica."

If you hadn't been cold enough last week, boy are you in luck, kids!

"Through the portal you go." Beat. "You might want to put on a coat first."
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"Alright, welcome back to class. I hope your weekend was fun," Tony said. "Today we'll be moving onto the next major holiday of the season: Labor Day."

He made a bit of a face.

"Okay, so 'major' might be pushing it, but it's still a holiday people spend money on. It generally marks the last gasp of summer vacation and a three day weekend of sales. We celebrate in style like that," he said dryly.

America was great like that, kids. It just was.

"That's... honestly about it. It's sort of a throw away holiday. So, today will be a movie day for you all. Enjoy."
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"So what about that rainbow, like," Philomena began her class.

The little black chicken sitting on her shoulder took that moment to hop off, landing on the floor in a flurry of furry feathers and noise. It began to wander across the floor, looking for a besandaled foot to maim.

Philomena hardly seemed to notice. "Nobody is certain why rainbows happen," she said. "Though apparently one appears in the sky every time a gay person gets born, like. So maybe a rainbow comes from a uterus, after a man and a woman like each other very much and then get tipsy on martinis and watching that one show where men don't wear any shirts and go 'round biting people."

A beat.

"So nobody knows if rainbows have been 'round since before the telly happened either," she said. "Maybe in the stone age gay people had to make their own rainbows by throwing loads of colors at the sky, like beetles and stuff. It's sort of a chicken and the egg thing when you think about it, which I haven't very much until today."

She glanced out the window. "Or maybe I have it all wrong," she said meditatively. "Maybe it's just space aliens who get really happy and stuff. Or someone flew up there and painted it on and we can only see them sometimes 'cos they did such a rubbish job of it. Like when they paint a house and they say it's cream, but it's really just white that turns a funny shade if you squint at it."

She shook her head. "They say Noah said a rainbow, but I don't think that's right, 'cos he would have had to throw beetles at the sky to make the reds, and he only had two beetles on board. And we've got plenty of beetles now, so he couldn't have murdered them," she added. "...Unless he built his own beetles afterwards. He did know how to build stuff. Also Norse people thought it was sort of a bridge, I'll bet they were really surprised when they fell right to it and landed splat all over the pavement."

Did they have pavement then? She wasn't sure. "Anyhow, that's about it for rainbows," she said. "I want you all to go on the telescope and see if you can find 'em painted on up there."

There was no telescope. But there were binoculars. Close enough, no?

Library, Monday

Monday, July 10th, 2017 11:21 am
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Thanks to the weekend's festivities, Tip had a bunch of books about sexuality spread across the desk, which she was flipping through and reading bits off when she had downtime on her shift. She hadn't been super particular when she grabbed the books, though, so there were occasional raised eyebrows and urges to throw things.

"People are terrible," she told Bill. "You're lucky you're not one."

And now her robot was pouting in the corner.


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"Hi, everybody." Hera was grinning today, visibly a bit excited. "Hope everyone's doing okay." She waved them all into the ship, hurrying just a little. "Today we're going to explore this system's main asteroid belt."

"We flew through it a few times on our way past Mars last term," Kanan offered. It's located more or less between it and Jupiter, and it is karking huge."

Just take a moment to once again appreciate that you hadn't been flattened by giant space rocks in classes past, kids.

We're going to spend a bit more time in it today! )
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"Hey, guys!" Vanessa said, starting off today's class with a big smile on her face. "I'm Vanessa, and this is--" Something caught her eye, and she glanced at her class list. "This is Alien Conspiracy Theories. That--is not what I thought I was teaching." She took a deep breath. "Okay, we're going to blame my fiance, and we're going to move on. Don't worry, I'm sure I can teach you lots of fun facts about aliens!" She had Google, and the internet was full of crazy people. Also, she lived with Wade. It would be fine.

"Okay, so, um, to start, tell me your name and something about yourself, and why you're taking this class."
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Class had been alerted that they would be meeting at Portalocity unless otherwise specified, and that their destination this week would be somewhat cooler than Baltimore currently.

When they all showed up, Hannibal nodded to them. "Welcome. The idea of this class is that each week we will experience a different cuisine of the world. Those of you who are not from Earth may not be aware, but this world is home to thousands of different cultures and cuisines. Even those of you that are from Earth may not be familiar with many of the sorts of foods available to you."

He waved them through the portal that appeared, where they ended up on a street in front of a building with a tree growing through it.

"Welcome to São Paulo, Brazil. Brazil is the largest country on the continent of South America; São Paulo is its most populous city. There are influences of both the indigenous peoples and the Portuguese empire in its culture and food. This restaurant is Figueira Rubaiyat, so named because of the tree it is built around. Some of the food is raised and grown locally. They employ a number of meats, from beef to octopus; they also take particular pride in their desserts. The local language is Brazilian Portuguese, but they should also speak English here, or Spanish if you prefer."

He led them in and they were shown to their table. "Please enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions."

[OOC: Anybody that wants to drop by Portalocity and catch them will be welcomed on the field trip, this week or any week! Auditors encouraged. :) ]
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Cara had her class meet her in the Danger Shop, which was never a good sign. They seemed to be at the bottom of a rocky gorge

"Despite the fact I already know who most of you are, we have to do introductions," she said, handing each student a long stick. "So I decided to make things interesting." Which wasn't at all ominous.

"Instead of the just standing there and telling me your name and all that, you can tell me while doing something fun." A roar echoed throughout the gorge. "Namely fighting a dragon."

With long sticks. That weren't even pointy.
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For the first class of this session, they were in the Danger Shop. But Magnus still hasn't gotten it working, so... use your imaginations, kids. Maybe listen to the word picture being painted.

"Okay, so this things doesn't know what a battle-wagon is, but that's okay. We can work up to them," Magnus said, squinting at the control panel like maybe if he shoved a robot arm in there it'd work.

Robot arms were his solution for everything.

"My name is Magnus Burnsides and I'll be your teacher for this class. Hi. Hello." He was being super professional right now. "And, um, let's do a round of introductions. And maybe what your experience with vehicles is. That... sounds right."

Look, he wasn't a teacher. He was a big, beefy, fighty boy.
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If the class was expecting someone a little more... Ms Cleo, they'd be disappointed. But not for a lack of trying on the teacher's part.

"Alright refused to come visit to work her blind lady magic," Deadpool informed them. "Something about how I just put on my old lady panties and teach my damn class by myself. Which. Gross. But here we are."

Learning about crystals.

"So, you took this class because easy A or you're my TA and you never escape the magic I provide. Tell me your name and about a magic crystal. Make it some Jim Henson shit. Or a story about a stripper, I'm not picky."
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The class was meeting in the Danger Shop, which had been programmed to look like something reminiscent of the inside of a Gothic stone cathedral - with the exception that everywhere there were sturdy shelves with rows upon rows of different kinds of weapons on them.

And in the middle of it all, Isabelle Lightwood in a fabulous dress, with something silver coiled around her waist. Possibly a fashionable belt. Those that had something supernatural in them could also probably see that there were several black rune tattoos on her arms and the back of her right hand, and other spots on her arms were criss-crossed with faint silvery scars. "Hello, and congratulations on your good taste in classes," she told the students once everyone seemed to have shown up. Or she got bored of waiting. "This is Fighting and Fabulousity, and I'm Isabelle Lightwood, your guide throughout this workshop. I'm from New York, but graduated from Fandom High two years ago, so, expect me to be very aware of how this island functions."

Especially when it came to fighting.

"Now, because this is our first session and I don't feel like breaking tradition, so we'll be doing introductions. You'll each pick a weapon, any weapon that draws your interest, from anywhere on these shelves ––" She gestured around. So many weapons. "–– and then you'll tell us who you are, why you chose what you chose." She held up a finger. "I'll demonstrate."

She lowered her hand, and with seemingly just a little flick of her wrist, the silver coil from around her waist was in her hand: a long, silvery, metallic whip. "As I said before, I'm Isabelle Lightwood – feel free to just call me Isabelle – and this is my electrum whip. It's my favorite weapon, because it's very versatile. And also because it takes skill and practice to master." She paused for a beat, then smirked impishly. "It also looks cool."

She nodded, then gestured once more towards the shelves.

"Now, pick your weapons, and let's get started."

[ooc: OCD up, have at!]

Library, Wednesday

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 06:50 am
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Peridot was looking only slightly crazed this morning as she skulked her way into the library, hair dishevelled and flanked by a pair of her occasional gremlin minions. They weren't looking particularly bitey today. Just marginally concerned for Peridot's well-being.

Somebody had been caught off-guard by the fireworks last night and had spent the entirety of the fireworks show and a good portion of the night thereafter huddled between two boulders out on the rocky bits, convinced that warrior Gems from Homeworld had arrived and were going to shatter her or drag her back to Yellow Diamond.

It hadn't been pretty.

So if anybody needed Peridot in the library today, she was here! She was just hiding under her desk while a pair of gremlins helped pick stray pebbles from her hair.

[OOC: Open! Don't mind the gremlins. If you don't provoke the Gremlin Queen, you'll be fine.]
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It felt good to be back on the island again and in front of a class. Even though it seemed like she only came to the island these days when everything was exploding, Karla still missed Fandom and all of its whimsical madness. Though since she did have a class to teach, she should probably get on that, rather than reminiscing about the times she'd had class in this very room and the state of her old locker.

"Hello, class, and welcome to the Magic of Plants," she said, giving her class an easy smile. "Which, depending on where you're from, might have a disappointing ratio of magic to plants. This isn't some introduction to witchcraft--that's not how my Craft works--we are going to learn to unlock a lot of the uses of some common plants you might come across in your day to day life. You likely already know that plants are integral to our survival as a species; they feed us, clothe us, shelter us, provide us the bases for a great many medications and remedies. Also, tea, coffee, and chocolate all come from plants and without those necessities, we'd have to have serious conversations about how much of life is actually worth living."

Because coffee. Life-giving, precious coffee.

"But since you've all been on the island for at least a semester, then you know what the first week is for. So, introductions! Name, class, why you took this course, and then an old favorite ice breaker of mine--two truths and a lie. Tell the class two truths about yourself and one lie and we'll all guess which one is a lie. And then once that's done, we're going to use plants to make papyrus sheets like your Ancient...Sumerians did? No, that doesn't sound right, hold on." Karla looked at her phone to double check. "Ah! Ancient Egyptians! Right, like the Ancient Egyptians did."
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Anakin was not there to meet the class today, instead Aphra jogged up while trying not to look like she was hurrying all late. "So your teacher had a hair emergency and asked me to take your class today!" Despite the fact that he of all people should know why this was a terrible idea.

"Looks like we're going to some place called Australia, which is supposed to be full of beautiful beaches and murderous wildlife, sounds like fun. Alright, everyone through the portal." Aphra turned the note Anakin ahd left over. "Also watch out for the drop bears."

Maybe she should do a headcount first? ...nah. It'd be fine.
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"You came back," Aphra greeted her class cheerfully, almost like she wasn't sure any of them would do so. "I'm so proud of all of you. Except the new guy, but I'm sure that'll change. Probably. Maybe." Sorry, Hyacinthe.

"Anyway, since doing the same introductions as last time would be boring, today you get to exercise a valuable skill, improvisation!" She hit a switch on the side of the Danger Shop door, revealing a small room with a desk and a harried looking Imperial behind it. "Sometimes it's a good idea to be...less than truthful about who you are and why you're coming to a planet, even for a respectable archaeologist." She guessed.

Aphra made finger guns at the Imp and his terrible moustache. "So, your job today is to have a nice friendly chat with this guy here and be be convincing enough it doesn't turn into an unfriendly chat."

Library, Tuesday

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017 09:04 am
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The library was fairly peaceful today aside from the tiny fireworks display going off in the history section, but Khadgar figured there was little harm in letting the books have their celebration. He was distracted searching for books about airplanes--it wasn't the same as reading about a spaceship, but it was somewhere to start, at least.
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Another summer workshop term. Another class instructed to meet Kanan and Hera at the landing pads in the Scrapyard. Kanan was clutching tightly to a travel cup of caf when the students arrived.

"This place is hell-bent on making me get ready earlier every class I teach," he muttered, waving for students to follow him on board the Ghost.. "Please, just throw me into the sun. Not that we'll be close enough, but at least it'd wake me up before I cook to death on my way to being utterly obliterated by gravity and burning plasma."THE SUN )
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For the first day of class, there was some patriotism going on. It was, admittedly, a little surly patriotism because modern America needed to get its shit together. But there was still a little. To explain the holiday, of course.

"Welcome to Understanding American Holidays. Where we... attempt to explain the strange things we do in this country," Tony said. "I'm Tony."

"And I'm Steve," said the blond wearing an extremely patriotic birthday hat. DUM-E had insisted and he didn't want the robot to feel bad. Shush. "Independence Day is tomorrow--the date we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence, where America told Great Britain that we wanted to be our own nation, effective immediately."

Tony covered his mouth like he was trying to prevent his partner from hearing him say, "And Steve's birthday."

He was just doomed to being the most all-American to all-American.

"That's the history of the holiday. What that translates to these days is grilling outdoors and fireworks and drinking. You'll find that last one is just going to be a theme in holidays."

"At least this one doesn't require gifts or cards?" Steve offered. "There will, however, be a lot of people wearing red, white, and blue and yelling 'Murica!' while drinking."

The shouting might have been mostly directed at Steve, but he wanted to be thorough.

Tony nodded in agreement with that. "Hopefully there will be fireworks here tomorrow evening for anyone who has not experienced this holiday as of yet. If not on island, you'll definitely be able to see them coming from the city. But we're forgetting the traditional first class introductions, aren't we?"

"Let's go with names and your favorite holiday," Steve said, "even if you aren't from the US."

"We're cultural magpies in this country, we may end up stealing it anyway," Tony added with a grin. "Who wants to go first?"
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Well, at least this first class, it wasn't a completely confused Philomena at the head of the class. Just a... regularly confused Philomena. "So this class we're gonna be sciencing further than we were sciencing last class," she said. "Since science is all about questions, I made you a jar you can sort of stuff your questions into, like."

She gestured towards it.

It was not entirely certain she'd be genuinely doing anything with it.

"For today we should be talking about our history in sciencing," she said. "My name is Philomena Cunk. I watch a whole lot of telly, so eventually someone asked me to say something about the telly on the telly, like a whole square of tellying, and I tellied so good they gave me a television show about sciencing. 'Cos I'm good at that. Asking questions and the like."


"After you're done talkin' about your own sciencing background, we'll watch a short video from my show, so you get a better idea about deeper sciencing and stuff."

There. That was reasonably coherent, right?

Library, Saturday

Sunday, July 2nd, 2017 01:04 am
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Ahsoka wasn't so much behind the collections desk today as on it. Meditating.

Look, she'd had some strange and unsettling dreams last night involving pirates, bathhouses, and fighting with towels, so meditation. All the meditation.

And maybe a cold shower, or quick visit to Hoth.

Library, Saturday

Sunday, June 25th, 2017 01:58 am
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Ahsoka had managed to miss the llamas the other day, however in their wake they'd left behind alot of drama, which she was currently trying to shoo out of the non-fiction section.

It wasn't working that well.
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Hannibal nodded to his students when they'd all arrived. "Today is our last class. Never fear," he said, smiling, "there will not be a final exam.

"It is said that a good teacher learns as much from his students as they from him, so I think a more fitting gauge of my teaching ability is for the final exam to be mine." He waved at the food on the table. "Today's food, you may thank your classmates for. Those of you who handwavily showed me how to create your foods, I hope I have done well enough by them. Those of you who elected to write an essay," he sighed, "well, I return them to you, printed on edible paper.

"For today's discussion, I should like for you to each tell me one thing you have learned from this class, and one way in which it may inform your future eating."
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"Good morning, class," Nathan said, giving a little nod to his students and then gesturing to a selection of porcelain and ceramic dishes and vases on the table in front of them. "Today we're going to be breaking things. And then putting them back together again."

Which was a little against the spirit of the whole thing, but he'd get to that shortly.

"We're doing kintsugi today, literally golden joinery. Traditionally, it's meant to take a broken cherished item and to repair it, embellishing the cracks with gold as a means of showing its history and embracing the beauty of it. So it's somewhat counter to the point when I do something like this..."

Yes. Yes, that was Nathan picking up a vase and smashing it on the floor.

It was a nice catharsis, though. He continued talking as he picked up the pieces and arranged them back into some rough semblance of the vase they once were.

"The traditional method also takes about a week to dry completely before we can even move on to the next step, and anybody who has a broken item they'd like to repair the proper way is welcome to come and ask me about the process any time. But, as this is our final class, and it's significantly shorter than twelve days long, we're going to cheat some more."

This actually kind of pained him. But for a high school art class, he figured that so long as he was being straightforward about this stuff, he'd at least done due diligence. He held up a tube of epoxy glue and a small container of gold dust. The process itself wasn't so different, really. It was the materials that were somewhat improvised.

"We start by mixing some of the gold dust into the adhesive until it's evenly distributed throughout. Then we paint it onto either side of our break, press together, and hold until dry." A pause. "We'd be finding some other way to hold the pieces together if we were using the more traditional adhesives, like tonoko powder or rice flour. We already know that Japanese art often values patience, but a line has to be drawn for holding the pieces together for an entire week. Today, a couple of minutes should suffice. While the glue is still sticky, but not quite wet, we'll brush some more gold dust over it to add a bit more shine. Again, traditionally, we'd be adding another thin layer of our adhesive before adding more dust, but since our method today is significantly less time-consuming and we can catch it before it's completely dry, there's not much need. Today, most of the time we'll be taking will be in holding each piece together while it dries before moving on to the next, depending on how thoroughly broken your dish or vase is."

So, they were missing both a sentimental connection to their items and the traditional adhesives for this process. But in the end, at least what they'd have would be pretty. So they had that going for them.
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Well, it was the last class of the session... somehow. The summer was just dying by, wasn't it?

"So, we didn't get into vehicle proficiency this time, but if I'm still here next time, we'll get to that!" Magnus said brightly. "I want you all to know that I'm very proud of your progress with the ducks. Very proud."

He nodded to emphasize that and it wasn't even a deception!

"So, how about this class we spend carving one last duck."

Or just a duck butt.
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Cara had told her students to met her at the Onsen, though anyone who'd had a class with her before should have been expecting this.

"Being aware of your surroundings is good," she said, already in the tub. "But being too tense either in your head or your body is just another way of getting yourself killed, so our last lesson is about relaxing." Relaxing in nice, warm, public baths.

Sadly Cara was unaware of the llama that had just started munching on the shubbery outside the onsen.

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