Library, Saturday

Sunday, May 28th, 2017 12:49 am
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Despite only spending a short while outside the previous day, Ahsoka was still finding patches of dyed skin everywhere. How had under her back lek even gotten rained on.

The books on colour theory that kept showing up on the desk weren't helping either. She was well aware that pretty much every shade of dye on her clashed horribly with orange and blue.
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Today, Algren, who was taking the fact that he'd been stained an alluring shade of paint-rain blue pretty well in stride, had his class meeting in the danger shop. Why? Because he wanted to do this the traditional way, even if it was next to impossible to find the proper equipment for it, and so he was willing to compromise. Just this once.

Even if he was mostly convinced the danger shop wanted nothing better than to humiliate him at every possible moment. For the time being it seemed to be cooperating, creating a spacious room for them with a large mortar on a stand, a mallet with a long handle propped up beside it.

"This week," he said to the class, crossing his arms and smiling, "we're making mochi, a small cake made out of rice, traditionally eaten around the New Year. Apparently these days, mochi is generally just made using the flour from glutinous rice, but traditionally, people would soak the rice overnight, steam it, and then place it in the usu - the large mortar- and beat the figurative tar out of it using the kine, or mallet. The usu and kine provided for you today aren't real, mostly because locating them on the island is... something of an errand. But the rice and the resulting mochi that you'll have when you're finished is absolutely real. So our task for today will be taken in two steps. We'll all take turns pulverizing the rice into mochi paste, and then, provided your arms still work after all of that, we'll be shaping the mochi however we please, generally into palm-sized pockets that can be shaped around a filling of your choice."

Maybe not what generally came to mind when people thought of art, no, but was that going to stop Algren? Absolutely not.
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Hannibal had listened to the radio this morning, and was currently happier for having Dante than he'd ever been before. His paint-splashed umbrella was sitting off to one side, along with a selection of towels for anyone that needed them.

Class this week was meeting in the Danger Shop. In the center was a table with food set out. One one side, it was set up to look like a British pub, with dark wooden tables, dim-ish lighting, and rock music playing; on the other, it was a fancier restaurant, with cloth tablecloths, actual silver silverware, and light classical playing. Between the two, past the table of food, was a lawn with a picnic laid own under a tree.

Hannibal greeted the students. "We've touched a bit upon this already, but today we're going to discuss more about what things affect the meaning of 'food'. Particularly, environment." He waved to indicate the different setups. "What sorts of food would you expect in each of these locations? How would you expect to eat it?"

He nodded at the food. "Choose what you like, take it where you like, and let's discuss your choices."
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The teacher was... nowhere to be found today. Instead, the poles were festooned with beads. Mardi Gras beads. Even though it was May.

Also, there was a note instructing the students to think about their musical choices or whatever.
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The teacher was there just a touch late, rushing in with a cup of coffee from The Park, but not wearing any Ugg boots or leggings. Not because he couldn't pull it off, because he didn't own any.

"Alright, today we're going to see how your ducks are coming along," he said. "I brought more wood in case anyone needs to start over. Or wants to. Ducks can be tricky."

It was the faces. Duck butts were super easy.

"So, let's see where we're at!"

Short and to the point today, kids.
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Unlike the last two weeks, Cara had told her class to met her in the Danger Shop rather than the salle, which probably should have been their first warning. She also didn't throw dye balloons at any latecomers, largely by virtue of not being there, which should have been their second warning.

The Danger Shop itself was set to look like a deserted village square, with quite an assortment everyday objects that could potentially be turned into improvised weapons laying about the place, which...look, honestly, if at least some of them hadn't figured out this was a set up by now, Cara was going to be highly disappointed.

And then the ninjas attacked.
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There was no Deadpool in the classroom this week.

"Oh, seriously?" Xanthippe asked no one in particular, once it became obvious he wasn't about to show up. "He's not even bothering to come to his own class now?"

Luckily – and for absolutely no reason – there was a big bag of self-adhesive googly eyes on the teacher's desk. Xanthippe pointed at it.

"Do something with those, I guess. I don't care."

(She would've liked to come up with an actual class. But that would've meant getting some advance warning, Wade. So, acting like she didn't care was going to be the way to go.)

Library, Wednesday

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017 07:28 am
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Nothing was amiss whatsoever in the library today, if you asked Peridot. She'd chosen a topic to research today and was throwing herself into it fully, reading up on methods of intergalactic travel among sentient life forms across the multiverse.

A book jumped up on an overturned coffee mug and started gesturing grandly around at some other books with its pages.

Peridot turned a page.

A magazine demonstrated its amazing balancing skills on the upper edge of an open filing cabinet drawer.

Peridot leaned into her study materials to get a better look at a diagram on transporting solid matter at light-speed.

Another book swung by on a trapeze fashioned out of Scotch tape and a pencil.

Peridot studied on.

The library was open. And... normal?

[OOC: And OCD-free!]

Iron Fandom, Wednesday

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017 12:34 am
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The tent from last week was gone and in its place was a bright chrome kitchen with the words Iron Fandom written on the vents. Next to individual tables stood the sous chefs, looking quiet and professional--though Pinkie's braids were starting starting to unravel on her sous chef's head.

Special guest judge Hardison walked into the Danger Shop, looked at the sous chefs, and burst out laughing. "Everythin' about this class is perfect an' beautiful," he announced. And then continued to laugh.

You girls do your thing. He was going to be busy for a little while. With the giggles.

"Welcome back, everyone." Raven threw Hardison a smile and a wink, then faced the class. She was getting better and better at this whole 'faking it until she made it' business. She almost even felt normal this week. "And welcome our very special guest judge of the week, computer guru and lord of the world's most perfect food (hot pockets): Hardison!"

The APPLAUSE sign appeared again, encouraging the students to clap for their guest judge.

Hardison, still chortling, gave a little wave. "Hey," he greeted the class, trying to talk through his laugher. "I was--I was told that today's special ingredient is bread, so uhh..." He glanced back to the braided sous chef and lost it, flailing at Kathy to continue.

Kathy was also smiling, mostly at how positively gleeful Hardison looked. "He's right," she said. "Today's Iron Fandom--" pause for the musical sting "--will feature bread as the main ingredient that needs to be featured in your appetizer, main course, and dessert. White, wheat, baguettes, ciabatta, even pita if you want. There are plenty of different types of bread for you to choose from."

"You can also try cooking your own, if you think you'll have time," Raven added. "But we only have an hour, so try not to over-do it. I . . . think you guys probably know the deal now? Hardison, do you have any sage advice?"

"Hmm?" Hardison put his phone back in his pocket, trying to look innocent and not like he'd been taking pictures of the sous chefs. "Oh, uhh, use your time wisely?" he suggested, sneaking another peek at the holograms. "An' make sure you use your--" he started snickering again "--sous chefs--" more giggles "--to their full potential..."

Yeah, he was done. And cackling.
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As usual, Anne was standing at a sort of relaxed attention at the front of the room.

"Welcome back again. I hope that you found the discussion last week stimulating, and perhaps a little uncomfortable." She let her eyes sweep the room. "One of the goals of this course is to push you to think about things, and in ways, that you aren't used to. Exposure to new and challenging ideas can stand you in excellent stead when something unexpected occurs and you find yourself mentally scrambling."

"So. With that in mind."

Anne turned, writing on the board.

"Allowing harm vs allowing harm. As with most complicated questions about morality, whether there is a difference between directly participating in activities that harm someone and standing by without intervening while others participate in those activities is a subject to much debate."

"However, as with any topic we discuss in this class, the goal isn't to simply answer the question, it's to explore the boundaries of the question. If you believe that they are the same, then is watching someone next to you get beat up the same as not going to the nearest big city to find someone being mugged so you can defend them? Or if you believe that there are differences, what makes them different?"

Anne smiled slightly. "Each of you will have your own answers, I suspect, even if you have similar ones. And one thing you'll likely discover that your own beliefs are complicated. For instance, while I personally feel that it is my moral responsibility to defend someone who is being assaulted nearby, you won't find me wandering into the next town." She paused, frowning for a moment. "Baltimore, I think it's called? Anyway, I don't go prowling there looking for criminals to stop and innocents to defend. For me there's a line that has to get drawn related to scope and scale in order to keep moral obligations from overwhelming."

Which, she reflected with a certain amount of silent irony, was a pretty ridiculous thing to claim given what she'd been doing just a couple of months ago. Her eyes drifted to her empty left sleeve for a moment before she realized the silence had dragged out just a little too long and her attention snapped back to her students.

"But enough about me! You all know the drill. Pair up, start a discussion, probe at the boundaries of your beliefs."

She grinned. "Unless you find yourself dying to know more about me, in which case, well, feel free to ask me questions, too. Just know that I'll be asking them back."
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"Welcome to another class," Anakin said, pointing at the now familiar world map. "Today we're going to Estonia, which is an extremely tiny country on this huge land mass that they give two different names for reasons I don't quite understand. Estonia falls into Asia. I think. Maybe Europe. They were involved in Eurovision, but so was Australia and that's its own continent."

Anakin was confusing himself.

"Anyway," he said, shaking his head. "Two tasks in Tallinn. Don't get killed."
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Aphra’s class were in the Danger Shop again, though last week's Massassi temple was nowhere to be seen. Instead they stood in the foyer of what had clearly once been a sleek, high-tech office-block that now looked considerably worse for wear.

Aphra held up her thumb and forefinger about a centimetre apart. “So, kids, I may have cheated a little last week with all the traps,” she said. “While you're probably going to run across all kinds of traps and security measures when exploring ruins, especially the important ones, most of the time they’re not going to be in super great condition. Well, unless things were really built to last, or someone's doing maintenance, in which case the traps are the least of your problems. Trust me on that.” Angry locals were not something they wanted to deal with.

“Basically, they're called ruins for a reason, and there's a lot of ways they become ruins, time, war, natural disasters, vacuum suckers deciding they're entitled to mess with a less advanced culture’s achievements for fun, but the big one’s the first, time. Things break down, batteries run down, no one replaces the poison darts, you get the picture. But if you think that makes them safe, you probably deserve whatever horrible accident happens next.” Aphra was great at reassurances. “Anyway, last week we went up, so today it’s down.”
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This week, Sparkle's class had been sent an e-mail in advance with a prompt for what to bring in to the classroom today. And that prompt was, 'toys.'

Which they were free to interpret however they cared to, just so long as they kept it clean.

He'd admit he was curious to see how Ringo managed this one, having used her AT card on day one.

"Okay," he said, grinning at the class. "Not every week can be a field trip week. Well, I mean, it could. There are literally classes that do that. But I'm not that organized anyway, so we're going to trade off every now and again, at least. And this week, I asked you guys to bring in some kind of toy, if you have anything that qualifies. If you don't, here's where you fake it, which is an important part of the whole 'show and tell' experience."

Or maybe Sparkle just figured that lying was more important than plenty of people might prefer. One of those. Either way, he was pulling a little black stuffed toy cat from his bag, and holding it up for the class to see.

"This is Velcro II," he shared. "Named after Velcro the first, who was my pet cat while I was a student here. I couldn't keep him after grad when it was time to go back home, so Velcro found a home with one of the other students, and when I came back to the island I wound up living with a guy whose one house rule is 'no cats.'" Atton was lucky Sparkle liked him. "So he got me this guy instead. I'm pretty sure he felt bad about the house rule? I dunno. Either way, Velcro II comes along with me whenever I've got my backpack anywhere, because... I'm a big kid? Whatever. Here's my toy, that was my bit. You guys can pass him around if you like, but someone's gotta share."

Library, Monday

Monday, May 22nd, 2017 12:18 pm
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Tip's mom had sent her another care package full of books, almost entirely human-Boov YA romances. Apparently this was now a Thing in Tip's universe. Tip's mom thought it was hilarious. Tip just found it bizarre.

Apparently J.Lo had gotten in on the joke too, since the package also contained a little comic drawn on it, all about J.Lo and Tip being the new American "it" couple. They got invited to the Latin Grammies for real, even though neither of them were actually Latinx, and J.Lo won "who wore it best" against Selena Gomez and then J.Lo and Tip broke up because Tip was jealous of J.Lo's status as a fashion icon.

Eventually, Bill tapped her on the head to remind her she had actual Library work to do. Then she had to spend ten minutes apologizing to him after she swatted him away.

It wasn't her most productive Library shift ever.

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"You're going to be here every week, aren't you?" Philomena said, considering the class with a sigh. "So I hear people sometimes just put the telly on in classes and let you all watch, so I wanted to do that today 'cos it's easier than filling your brains with knowledge, like."

She pushed the television to the center of the classroom.

"I did this documentary about Shakespeare once," she confided. "Turns out he's not just a funny man in tights that likes to wear feathers in his cap. Anyway, I'm not gonna show you the documentary 'cos I look fantastic in it but theatre's not great if you want to follow the story and text all the time, Shakespeare really ought've thought about that."

A pause. A tilt of the head.

"... And this is supposed to be a science class," she said. "So I found this movie that's supposed to be about these two Shakespeare men but they're walkin' about talking about sciencing, I like the one who looks like a weasel, I think he killed someone this one time. Anyway, he gets like, distracted by bathtubs and flowers and crap, it sort of reminds me of me, and I need you lot to write an essay about like, all the science parts, so I can tell if you've been sciencing right."

She had, at this point, already put on the movie, and was talking through it, and didn't particularly seem to care. "I never did get this bit," she said. "Or that bit. Is that a chocolate coin? It looks like a ye olde chocolate coin of some sort, he better not eat it, it looks like it's been there for months. Oh, but you can tell this is like, proper Shakespeare, 'cos of all the mud. They had that back then in Shakespeare times, loads of mud, it was basically all they ate. Kind of sad, isn't it? They slept on mud, and played with mud, and probably had loads of sex with mud... that's why Shakespearian stuff is so longwinded and boring most of the time, all the bloody mud, I bet people were dying to hear anything about anything that wasn't mud--"

She spent the rest of the movie talking at length. It was nearly impossible to hear most of the dialogue. "...I don't get the boat," she said. "Why are they not not on a boat? Feels like they'd be less dead if they'd just taken an airplane or somethin', tickets aren't that expensive and airplanes only leak if they're about to catch fire..."
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Class today was just the one teacher, but to make up for it, Tony looked pretty darn tired. What? That's not how that works?

Seems fake.

Either way, there was the one teacher and a few boxes of pizza.

"Hi," Tony greeted the class once they'd filed in. "Captain Rogers has other things to attend to today, so it'll just be me for this lesson. On the plus side, you get pizza."

Because that was easier for a crowd.

"Today will be about the short interaction you'll have with the delivery person," he said. "Who should be tipped unless there has genuinely bad service from them. Remember to always include a tip in your food budget, okay?"

He had strong feelings about fair pay.

Tony clapped his hands together. "Okay, we will run through one on one scenarios for you to figure out how to get through these interactions. And then pizza."

Which made up for the forced socialization.
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"Okay, everybody," Hera said, "today we hit the dividing line - Earth is the next planet from your sun, and we pretty much know what it is," at least on an astronomical level, "so now we head outward. The next one is called Mars."

"Speaking in comparison to Earth, it and Mars presumably have a few similarities," Kanan mused. He'd picked up a book this week, because he was fancy. It was something to fill in time with while they traveled to Mars, because it was the farthest trip yet, thanks to the respective orbits of the planets they were visiting. "Earth and Mars both have polar ice caps, observable weather patterns, and seasonal changes."

He lowered his book and smirked a little at the class.

"So, another weird planet."

Hera rolled her eyes. Okay, Earth was strange, but weather was not weird. "Terrestrial, thin atmosphere, low gravity, according to Earth probes. Two moons." She glanced at Kanan. "We might be able to land on this one."

"Depending on where we land," Kanan agreed. "Though we'll be pulling out the envirosuits again, because we enjoy breathing. That'll make up for the low temperatures even if we don't manage to park ourselves in the middle of a summer day."

Hera nodded. "So, same as on Mercury - everybody be safe, no bouncing off, and be careful about your suit."

"And hey," Kanan said, "maybe the scenery will be different here."

That was about as good as they could hope for on any non-Earth planet in this system that was safe to land on, wasn't it?

Library, Saturday

Sunday, May 21st, 2017 12:33 am
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There was an alot of glitter in the library. It was only a small alot but Ahsoka could see this turning bad very quickly. Luckily, the alot of glitter seemed more interested in tiny Rex than going into the stacks.

So Ahsoka would just be using the Force to move a action figure for the alot to stalk. While doing voices. In a terrible approximation of Rex's accent.
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Hannibal arranged everything on the desk, then waited for the students to arrive, smiling as they came in.

Once they were there, he leaned against the desk and began. "Last week, we discussed what makes us see something as food. There are various reasons you may or may not see something as food that another person does. This week, the question is: Why do we eat?"

He waved at the food and drink behind him. "There are the obvious answers; most people will start with, 'we eat because we're hungry'. But it's rarely so clear-cut. Each section I've set up is a pair of foods. You may eat or drink only one from each pair. Choose one - or neither - and explain to us why. Feel free to debate it with each other as well, and to ask me or each other questions."

He leaned forward. "Remember, there are no wrong answers; the idea is to think about it."
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This week, the classroom's setup hadn't changed all that much from the week before. A low-set table and some cushions to sit on. But instead of paper sitting on the table, there were bowls of soil and mud from various locations around the island, another bowl with water, and a few hand-towels, enough for everybody. In the center of the table, there was a small dish, with several polished spheres sitting on it.

"This week," Nathan said, smirking faintly, "we're going to be polishing dirt."

Polishing dirt, forming glossy spheres out of it, one of those.

"I'm going to preface this class by saying that you won't finish your project in the time we have available today," he continued. "Dorodango - literally 'mud dumpling' - is a project that requires patience. Hours and hours of patience."

So it was probably a testimony to how much spare time Nathan had on his hands that there were like seven of the things on the dish in the middle of the table, right?

"I'm going to take you through the beginning stages this week, though. If anybody is interested in actually finishing their dorodango, they're welcome to leave with a printed copy of the instructions, or just stay after class to continue working on their mud ball up to the resting point."

He reached in to one of the bowls to grab himself a comfortable handful of mud, and started working it in his hands.

"Step one," he said, still looking somewhat amused, "squeeze out the excess water, and work your handful of mud into a sphere."

Get to it, students. You were performing the ancient Japanese children's art of basically making shiny round mud pies. Weren't you glad you took this class?
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Magnus had once again poked at the Danger Shop to see if he could get it working, but that didn't seem likely.

Sorry, kids.

Now that furniture had been made, he was going with a tried and true beginner project of a carved wooden duck.

"Today we're going to try carving. Please don't stab yourselves in the process?" Pretty Please?

"I got everyone a piece of basswood to work with and a whittling knife. I cannot stress enough that we do not have a cleric here, so don't stab yourself just don't do it."

Simple, right?


"The project is going to be a duck. Because everyone likes ducks."
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Much like last week, Cara's class were meeting in the salle, and any latecomers had dye balloons lobbed at them, unlike last week, there were training dummies set up in a row, as well as protective hand-gear.

"You weren't terrible," she began. "But if you only learn one thing from this class it'll be to throw an acceptable punch, so today we're going with useful but boring and drilling.

"I could come up with a whole speech about discipline, hard-work, and and muscle memory, but it comes down to this, if you freeze, you're dead, if you overthink, you're dead, if you're sloppy you're dead, actually I could go on all day, but those are the main three it's supposed to help with.

"It goes like this, I'll call out a number and you'll throw the corresponding punch, like this." Counting off, Cara demonstrated a series of four blows to the dummy's body, including a vicious knee to the its groin (sorry, not sorry, Jason) on four. "And since we're stating simple, I won't even break sequence until I'm sure you're ready for it." Pretty generous of her if you wanted her opinion.

"In any case, today I want you to go for technique, not speed or power, those'll come once you've got the first, and if anyone wanted a more exciting class today, just remember, I could have brought out the inflatable clowns." Be glad she hadn't, they were really creepy.
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"Okay, ladies," Vanessa said cheerfully, "who's ready to do some crunches? Not me, usually, that's for sure, but that's what we're doing today! Using your pole. That's right, these are pull-up crunches." Fear them.

Vanessa ran them through how to safely do the move (as detailed in this video in which women are wearing sports bras, use your SFW judgment) as well as an easier variation if they weren't quite there yet. "Now, this works all sorts of muscles. Guys might not find it that attractive because, let's face it, they could never, but who cares about them anyway. Try alternating five reps of crunches--or less, if that's what you can do--with walking around the pole properly and doing a dip," which she also demonstrated in the video, "or a fireman spin like we learned last week. Are there any questions? Does anyone need a spotter?"
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This week, that bucket of glitter was there once again. This time there were popsicle sticks, though. Because that shit was crafty, right?

"Hey, you all made it back. Great. I totally wasn't hoping you'd all decide to skip this class so I could just play Candycrush on my phone the entire hour. But whatever. Fine." He'd still play Candycrush so, nyah. "I got you some more shit to glue together in an artistic fashion, so... get to it."

He was going to end up spending way too much time at the Hobby Lobby looking for things to distract his class with, wasn't he?

"Yep. Now get started. I don't have all day."

Library, Wednesday

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 08:44 am
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Peridot took one step into the library today, paused, and then had to dive to avoid being trampled over by a stampede of books all heading her way.

Or, rather, a stampede of books all racing along what appeared to be a makeshift track fashioned out of carefully placed index cards, which Peridot was quite certain she was going to need to sort out and put away herself, since the books seemed intent on just zooming around in circles. They weren't hurting anything, really, just so long as nobody stepped onto their race track, but it was a little bit vexing all the same.

She still wasn't completely certain why Earth's intelligent species insisted on using such an impetuous method of data recording.

[OOC: A purring cat ate the OCD.]
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The Danger Shop this week had shed its arena-esque look for a lovely event tent in a large, verdant field. The interior still had large individual cooking areas for each student, and the programmed sous chefs were waiting patiently by each student's station.

Pinkie's sous chef even still had the braids.

Raven and Kathy were at the front with their very special guest judge of the week, who was staring suspiciously at the sous chefs and giving Kathy a major case of side-eye.

Welcome back to Iron Fandom! )
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Anne was standing at the front of the classroom again, waiting for her students.

"Welcome back," she said with a friendly smile. "I hope you all enjoyed your first week of classes." Her smile flashed impish for a moment. "And it's good to see you came back." She hadn't been sure how many people would want to keep up the class, given the subject matter.

"Last week, we considered personal history and the role of violent and non-violent conflict resolution in our own lives. The usual format for this class will involve debate around contentious topics, the sorts of things that often do lead to violence, in order to offer you all opportunities to practice non-violent resolution when it is at its most difficult: when you really, really want to hit something." Or someone.

She turned, writing on the board with big, bold letters. "Family vs Community," she said, underlining the words on the board. "This is something of a classic dichotomy in philosophical discussions, but that's because it hits so close to home for most people. It's easy to put yourself into a lot of these hypothetical situations."

"So, here's the situation I want you to consider. Wherever you live, a dangerous new disease appears. It kills nine out of ten of the people who contract it, and it's so contagious that no attempt to quarantine it has been successful. The only positive thing is that if you're one of the lucky few to survive it, you become immune to future infections. So far, everyone has just relied on the luck of it not reaching their community. For our purposes, imagine that you caught it yourself while traveling abroad, and have only recently returned home after being cleared by the doctors."

"So you know the symptoms really well. Well enough to recognize them when your favorite family member contracts the disease. Now, you know that the early symptoms are subtle enough that it's unlikely anyone else will realize what has happened for a while."

"So. What do you do? Do you try to keep things hidden, hoping that you'll get lucky and your family will survive like you did? Do you warn your friends and neighbors so that they can keep their distance, and reduce the risk themselves? What other options do you see?"

Anne looked around. "I want you to pair up with each other and tease out the details. While this is a hypothetical situation, and that robs it of some of its emotional punch, I want you to prod for details. Push each other on your contradictions, try to find the specifics of how far each of you is willing to go."

She considered the students around her. "If you just play it safe, refusing to immerse yourself in the situation, you won't get nearly as much out of this exercise as you will if you really get into it."

But, really, it was up to them.
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"There are seven different large land masses on this planet called 'continents'," Anakin explained, pointing to the handy map from last week as the class assembled. "Last week we visited a country in South America. This week we are going to an island nation off the coast of North America, which is where we are located. We might visit it again through the school as part of a spring or fall break vacation--Jamaica is rather famous for its beaches."

And rum. But Anakin was Being An Adult right now and wouldn't mention that to impressionable youth. "It's the same set up as last week--complete two assignments, come find me, try not to die." He glanced at Hyacinth. "Don't get too distracted by the local population."


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Aphra was actually holding class in the Danger Shop today, which she was unreasonably excited and disturbingly cheerful about.

She stood by an entrance of a vast forbidding temple deep in an alien jungle, albeit with less Imperial and Rebel equipment or explosion damage than the last time she'd been here. Look, she was trying for a sense of wonder here, kids, pay attention to the overhanging gas giant in the sky or something.

"Hey, kids," she said waving at the temple. "Now that we've gotten a bit of theory out of the way, let's get your feet wet on what you really signed up for, adventure, excitement, and ancient ruins!"

"This here is a Massassi Temple, it's about five thousand years old and abandoned for at least a fifth of that time, which probably makes you think about how small and insignificant we all are, or something." Such poetry, Aphra. She started handing out palm-sized crystals. "Anyway, today we'll be making our way from here to a room at the top of where placing these babies in the right spot will reveal a message from one group of previous inhabitants."

Just not the one doing that in the real thing would, Aphra wasn't stupid.

Library, Tuesday

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 09:10 am
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Khadgar's shift started off quietly enough, but after a while he noticed a rustling sound coming from one of the non-fiction sections. He was tempted to just leave whatever was happening alone, but his curiosity got the better of him and when he went to investigate, he found all the books on trees getting a hug from the other books around them.

Khadgar tried to back up without being noticed, but he wasn't fast enough, and one of the books toddled over to his leg and bumped up against his ankle. "Do you, er, still need a hug?" he asked. The book bounced up and down, so Khadgar picked it up and gave it a gentle, uncertain squeeze. The pages fluttered against him and the book, seemingly satisfied, pushed away from him to go back to the shelves.

"No one would ever believe me," he muttered as he headed back to the front of the library.

[Open and OCD-free!]
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This week, Sparkle had told his class to meet him on the causeway. It was a small class, he felt fairly confident that he could take them on a field trip without losing too many of them. He was grinning all the while, too.

"Okay, so this week, we aren't going to be bringing what we're showing off to the classroom," he shared, "I mean, obviously. This week, we're going to go to what we're going to be showing off. We're heading to the zoo. If you have a favourite animal, this is going to be an easy one for you. If you don't have a favourite or the animal you like most isn't from Earth, then you can explore the zoo and see if anything catches your interest. I'm gonna give us all like half an hour to look around. You can wander off alone or in groups if you want to," he waved them through the portal and they stepped out into the zoo next to the ice cream stands. "Then we meet back here, and each take turns leading the rest of the class off to find our favourite animals and to talk about them a little bit."

He paused, and then added, "But first, we're getting ice cream. My treat."

It wasn't exactly like buying four ice cream cones was going to break the bank or take much time, anyway.

Library, Monday

Monday, May 15th, 2017 11:08 am
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Tip was having a perfectly normal shift at the library when, while walking down one of the aisles in the mythology section, she was attacked from above by a small mass-market paperback holding a silver toothpick.

It was a Wendy the Werewolf Stalker tie-in novel. "I've actually never seen your show," she told it. "It ended when I was like two."

The book sagged and looked pathetic. Tip sighed.

"Fine," she said. "I'll find it on Netflix." The book looked optimistic. "And then read you."

The book wriggled happily and dropped its toothpick.

Yup. Perfectly normal shift at the library.

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Steve...had no real concept of what time zone he was in right now. He was clinging to an enormous cup of coffee and dressed in his stealth suit. "Sometimes, you're hungry but are completely out of the will to cook and don't feel like leaving the comfort of your sofa," he began.

Tony somehow managed to be the bright-eyed and bushy tailed one of the pair today. Something was very wrong. "Or feel like talking to someone to get the food," he added. "Which means we'll be learning all about the wonder of online ordering."

He waved at the small collection of tablets for the students to pick up for this exercise.

"This is really one of the best things about living right now," Steve had to admit. "All kinds of food will just show up at your house."

"You will need money, though," Tony said quickly. "Cash or a credit card. Today will just be for practice, so these aren't live sites. Just some copies I dummied up for you guys."

Steve nodded. "Since food won't really show up, maybe pretend to explore a cuisine you haven't already tried. I like Thai."

"Next week we'll get you some real food," Tony promised. He'd have to put it in his calender to remember. "And practice the awkward delivery guy interaction that will become part of this whole process."

Please stop picturing either teacher as a pizza delivery boy.
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Philomena wandered into class five minutes late without paying attention to the class. In fact, she walked to the window and peered, lost in thought for at least another three minutes, before half-turning and startling.

"Oh," she said, "You're still here."

Had they been here all week? Had she hallucinated them leaving? Perhaps they were time-jumpers.

"I was just caught by the leaves," she explained. "Strange things, aren't they? I keep wondering, how are they up there? And why are they attached to the trees like some strange hand-shaped parasite? Do the trees even know that they are on there, and if so, don't they long for a shave or some kind of... tree doctor to come fix it for them?"

She peered back outside.

"I used to wonder why they changed color in fall, but I found out about that, and it's absolutely disgusting," she said. "There's this stuff inside of them called chlorophiles, and they gnaw on sunlight, like a deranged vagina dentata."

She shivered. "It just ain't right," she muttered. "It just ain't right."

She turned back to the class. "So this is a class about sciencing, so we should probably do like proper science men and get samples," she said. "I want you to go out and get some samples and glue them to a piece of paper, so you can wave 'em around to ward off the others, like a sort of warning. Just be careful, 'cos the leaves have got skeletons, and nothing good ever came from a skeleton you can eat."

After finishing that line of thought, she looked at the class expectantly.

"Well? Off you go."
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Once again, class was to meet in the junkyard. Not because this was a trash class. Not even because the Ghost was a trash ship. The Ghost was an excellent ship. And the roof of the MCA probably couldn't support her weight. Suck it up, kids.

"Huh," Kanan mused, smirking a little. "We got people back for week two. Good. Get on the ship, and we'll talk about planet number two on the way."

This one's called Venus. )

Library, Saturday

Sunday, May 14th, 2017 12:28 am
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Ahsoka wasn't hungover or pretending she wasn't hiding from naked glitter-people so today was an improvement on her last few shifts.

That didn't stop her dipping into the caf stash as she set up a selection of books for any of the newbies that had questions after a week in this place.
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Hannibal smiled at the students as they filed in, and once they were all there, greeted them.

"Good morning. I am Dr. Lecter; this class is The Philosophy of Food." He handed out the syllabus to each of them. "If you're not in the right place, you're welcome to stay regardless."

He leaned against the desk at the front of the room. "If you'd prefer, you may pull your seats forward, or sit upon the floor. So long as you listen and participate, I'm not bothered where or whether you sit."

He nodded at the syllabus in the nearest student's hand. "You will not need to take any notes, although you may do so if you choose. As you can see, there will be a final project, no exams or quizzes. I have only two requirements for my classes: one, you must participate." He indicated the covered dishes on the desk behind him. "You may choose to eat or not anything I put before you. You may choose to eat none of it; while I might be disappointed, it will in no way affect your grade. However, you must have opinions and speak them, and possibly be prepared to defend them." He smiled.

"My second rule is this – there will be no judging. There will undoubtedly be things presented to you that you do not think of as edible, or that you have a cultural or religious bias against. There may be practices in the raising or creation of food which you may find objectionable. I expect you to say just that, and to be prepared to explain why. There will be no use of the term 'disgusting', no 'ew's or 'gross'es." He frowned. "That will affect your grade if I hear it. You will similarly not judge any of the others here for their opinions on the food."

He stood again. "Introductions are traditional our first week. You may be somewhat tired of them by now, but they are a necessity here. In addition to your name, please tell me any allergies or dietary restrictions you may have. I expect this class to cause you to think about your food and expand your horizons, not kill you from anaphylaxis." Though he did have medicines just in case; he'd never lost a student unintentionally yet, and had no plans of starting now.

He nodded at the first student. "Your turn now."
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Algren, clad in actual modern clothing today instead of the yukata he'd briefly contemplated wearing to class before deciding that might be laying it on a little thick, was looking faintly amused as he settled in for his lesson today. He'd set a low table in the middle of the room, all desks and chairs pushed off to the side, and there were cushions on the floor around the table so that students could sit comfortably. On the table were stacks of brightly colored pieces of paper, cut into squares.

"Ohayōgozaimasu," he greeted, giving a small nod once it looked as though his students had settled in. "Good morning, and welcome to Japanese Art. I'm Captain Nathan Algren-- Mr. Algren for the sake of this class will do."

Or Algren-Sensei, though that seemed a little too formal for the sake of a class of three. He shrugged his shoulders all the same.

"We'll be covering several different types of Japanese art over the course of this workshop, starting with the one most people have at least a passing familiarity with," he gestured to the paper, "and moving on into calligraphy, perhaps some theater... Japan has a vast and diverse selection of art forms to choose from, and we'll barely be able to scratch the surface over the course of the next few weeks. This week, of course, is reserved for introductions - name and if there's anything in particular you hope to take away from this class - and then we'll get into folding some paper."
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Rather than the Danger Shop, Cara had her class meet her in the Salle where she was already waiting for them. Anyone who had the misfortune of arriving late late would also have found a water balloon filled with food dye lobbed straight at their head.

"Since I only recognise one of you, I'm Cara, that's Cassandra, listen to her when I'm not around." Hey, it was more of a greeting than a class usually got. "And I don't care if you signed up for this class or not because you're going to need it before this place is done with you."

She sighed. "Still, it's an easy class this week, since you've hopefully noticed by now this week is all about the introductions, So name, class, if you can fight," Cara said, then smiled with far too many teeth. "Then you get get to try and punch me."
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Class was in the Danger Shop because Magnus had thought it sounded pretty cool, but then had no idea how to program it, so class was in a big, empty room.

Well, mostly empty room. There were pieces of furniture in various stages of construction along with tools waiting for the kids. All three of 'am.

"Welcome to Woodworking... And other skills I can come up with," he said just a touch anxiously before barreling on ahead as was his wont. "My name is Magnus Burnsides and I'll be your teacher."

That sounded all official, right?

"So... first time teaching. Well, teaching teenagers. I taught a friend to carve a sweet puzzle box for her girlfriend once." Carey's blade skills did not translate over to woodcrafting. "Hopefully you guys have more talent there!"

Roll for an awkward laugh. What? Wrong medium for that? Damn.

Magnus cleared his throat. "So, let's get to introducing ourselves while sanding down some of these pieces."

And it wasn't even fantasy sandpaper!
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The students would enter the Danger Shop, which was outfitted as a dance studio, but with poles, to find their teacher muttering and flipping through some paperwork. "What? What? I thought I was supposed to be teaching adults!" Sorry, Vanessa, it's teenagers. Keep it clean!

"Okay," Vanessa said, switching on a smile. "Hi, guys! I'm Vanessa, and I'll be teaching you to--" Oh, God "--pole dance. For fitness! Definitely not for anything else! Although if you have to work your way through college, I mean, there are worse ways." She wasn't wrong. "So! Today we're going to go over the rules and a few basic moves, and then I want everyone to introduce themselves and--" asking them to tell her why they'd signed up for a pole dancing class seemed like a minefield "--tell me something about yourself!" That was probably also a minefield, but it seemed slightly safer.

"So, rules. Shoes and socks off, please, you'll need to be barefoot for this class. Come dressed in something you can move in, and, barring any island weirdness, come dressed. Form-fitting so we can see your movements is good; exposed is less good. Now stand on tip-toes and grasp the pole with your dominant hand up as high as you can go, like this," she demonstrated the video being for player edification. "Hold it like it's a baseball bat, get a good grip on it. Shoulders down and back. You always want your weight to be leaning away from the pole, so that your momentum doesn't smack your face into it. No one likes a pole dancer with a black eye, am I right?" Right. Teenagers. Awkward. "Anyway. Take three steps around the pole, starting with the inner foot. Then you're going lift your exterior leg and push off as you do so, using your momentum to spin, like in the video so." Vanessa demonstrated. "This is called a Fireman Spin for how it resembles the way a fireman, uh, goes down a pole. If you do it with your free leg bent, like so," and she demonstrated that as well, "it's a Pinwheel. Give it a try a few times, try a Pinwheel if you feel up for it, and then once you have a feel for it, show me your best attempt and introduce yourself."

Library, Wednesday

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 11:34 am
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Once again, the books were behaving themselves. They seemed inclined to swap weeks, that way. Which made Peridot even less inclined to trust them.

Tricksy books.

She was going to just sit there and be sparkly while she glowered at them from behind the desk. If they were going to sit there and behave like books, she was going to sit there and behave like a Gem who had spent part of her day in Deadpool's arts and crafts class.

That'd show them.

[OOC: OCD freeee today.]
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Hopefully the class prepares for the most intense art class they could possibly get at this school.

"New digs. Not too sure about the layouts, but hot damn look at that lack of Russia."

Or not because this was still Deadpool.

"Alright, I think that's all of you," he said glancing toward the back in case there were stragglers. "And if it's not... No one cares."

Yeah, what could you do?

"Okay, so you're here to learn shit and that's on you. I'm here for a paycheck and the satisfaction that comes from molding young minds and we're both going to leave disappointed," he continued. "My name is Mr. Deadpool. And I'm not going to remember any of yours unless they're funny. So, you know what? Impress me. Make up a name."

It would make keeping track of students impossible. Good thing he didn't do that.

"Oh, and I found some construction paper and glue to go with the fucking bucket of glitter I stole from the supply closet. Make something that represents your inner self." He held up a glitter and glue drawing of a burning house. "This is mine and I'll sue your ass if you plagiarize it."

Iron Fandom, Wednesday

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 12:08 am
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So...Kathy and Raven were teaching a class. Well, sorta. Did a summer workshop session really count as a class? Or maybe it counted as a class, but it didn't actually make them teachers. Kathy didn't think she was ready for the responsibility of being a teacher. But overseeing a workshop based on a reality TV show she and Raven had mainlined for a few days? Yeah, that was almost small enough to wrap her brain around.

Ignore the way she was wringing her hands up until class started though. That was totally unrelated. Really.

Raven was kind of wishing she had some cheeseburgers to stress eat her way through, like she'd done at the welcome picnic. But it seemed kind of tacky to do that when you were planning to, you know, judge your students' food. She was supposed to keep her palate clean. Or something. So she was stress eating her nails instead. Or gnawing on them, anyway. She had full control over the shape and length of her nails at all times, so biting them off tended to get a little . . . uncomfortable.

"Um," she said, when it seemed like the whole class was here. All . . . three of them. They were all kind of dwarfed by the Danger Shop's current dramatic kitchen set up. At least everyone would have lots of room to spread out?


Welcome to Iron Fandom! )
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Anne waited for the number of students in the room to match the number on the roster she'd been given, and then she waited a couple of additional minutes to allow for a bit of socializing before kicking off class. While she waited, she simply stood at the front of the room, calmly looking over the assembled teenagers. She looked pretty average, in fact, with her hair pulled back and her glasses, she might almost look like she had been a teacher forever. The only thing that might draw any attention was the fact that she was wearing a jacket despite the weather, and that the left sleeve hung empty at her side.

"Welcome," she eventually said, voice calm, but still subtly demanding attention. "This is Resolving Conflict Without Violence. As the name implies, we'll be examining non-violent approaches to dealing with conflict, and we'll primarily be doing that examination through practice. The first thing that many people will think of when they consider non-violent resolutions is debate, or discussion, and while we will be looking at a couple of alternative approaches, we will in fact be spending a lot of time in debate and discussion. If you don't have much experience with either of those, don't worry. It is practice that primarily concerns us, not necessarily performance."

"However, while I do value non-violent approaches to resolving conflicts, I will not claim that all conflicts can be solved using these approaches. It is the sad reality of things that violence is sometimes necessary." Her lips quirked in a slight smile and Anne sighed.

"That reality gives us an excellent topic for our first exercise as everyone has a different understanding regarding which situations can and can not be solved without resorting to violence. So, in order to get to know each of you better, I'd like you each to state your name, and describe either a situation that you know of that could not be solved without violence, or a situation that was resolved with violence but did not have to be."

She raised her right hand to her chest. "I shall go first. My name is Anne Mayer. An example of a situation which requires violence to resolve is one in which someone is actively engaging in a dangerous spree of violence themselves. Sometimes violence must be met with violence."

"And, as this is a class focused on discussion, please feel free to speak up at any time to ask for clarification, or suggest why someone's evaluation of the necessity of violence is in error." She fell silent, looking around the room in silent invitation for someone to do that with her own statement before nodding to a student to take their own turn.
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Finding out about the Danger Shop had been a delightful surprise given the average level of tech about this place, but even Aphra needed time to familarise herself with entirely new hardware and software. So reluctantly she'd settled for one of the 'normal' classrooms today.

Which didn't even have holoprojecters. Honestly.

Once it looked like she had roughly the right number of students, Aphra turned the chair at the front desk around and flopped down into it backward, forearms dangling over the backrest.

"I'm Doctor Aphra and given some of the things I've been hearing I should probably assure you that I'm actually qualified to teach this subject," she began. "Which is archaeology in case some of you just dropped in because you're bored.

"But what is archaeology?" She drummed her fingers against the chair. "Well, essentially it's grave-robbing with fancier paperwork. In both cases you go somewhere people used to live, dig up the place, and take their stuff. Sometimes their corpses too. Only difference is that paperwork."

"Buuuuuuuuuuuuut..." Aphra drew out the word. "That paperwork makes all the difference. See you get the same loot, and the same dead bodies if you're into that, but archaeologists take notes and verify their finds, which means their old, dead stuff is worth a lot more." Academically and monetarily. "They become artefacts, and you can learn from those, including where to find more artefacts.

"Still, much as I love the sound of my own voice, apparently I'm supposed to do introductions this week, so we'll do that then an exercise so you can understand what being an archaeologist is all about."

Aphra pointed to a random student. "You with the face. You're first. Who are you? Why are you here? What's in your pockets?"
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Anakin's workshop met outside the Travelocity office, and he greeted them in his traditional Jedi robes. "Welcome to my class," he said. He pointed to a map of the world that the Travelocity gnomes had given him. "For those of you new to this planet, we are currently here--" he poked the map, "--in Maryland, in the continent of North America. Our travels today will take us to South America, down here--" another poke of the map. "To a nation called Peru. They speak a different language there called Spanish. If you happen to speak it, that will make your lives a little easier. If you don't, well, I hope you're fluent in hand gestures."

That aren't considered rude in Peru. "You will have to complete two tasks while in Peru, and then find me at the final stop. Don't get hurt, don't get arrested, don't get lost. Ready...go."

Library, Tuesday

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 09:56 am
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The library felt a little different to Khadgar today, though he couldn't put his finger on exactly why. The sensation was easy enough to ignore once he got settled in and began looking for books to read. Since he was taking so many cooking classes, he figured it might be good to look at some cookbooks for recipes to practice.

It didn't take long for him to realize that he really should have eaten more before looking at these things, because the pictures were kind of making him drool. He was definitely going to have to stop at the bakery before going to class.

[Open and OCD-free!]
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Funny thing about teaching a no-brainer class? Sparkle looked way more comfortable up at the front of the classroom this week than he did at the front of the classroom last semester. This one, hopefully, was going to be way less intimidating to teach than that one about 'urban survival.'

Which was not a hard bar to skip over, admittedly.

"Hey, guys," Sparkle said, offering people a little grin. "I'm Sparkle," yes, really, shut up, "and this class is basically my excuse to keep my teaching cred without putting out any real effort."

He gave the students in the room a grin. Maybe he was even joking! Who knew!

"Fortunately, it's easy marks for you guys, too, right? If you aren't from a place where 'show and tell' was a normal thing when you were growing up, it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Presumably it's supposed to help people work on, like, public speaking or whatever, so sure, we're gonna go with that. You bring something in, show it off, and then tell the class a little bit about it. I'm not going to leave you at a total loss for what to bring in every week, hell, I'm gonna try to keep this fun, too, but this week we're gonna have to keep it pretty simple. Name, how you ended up in this class, and show off and tell the class about one random piece of clothing or item in your pockets."

He grinned.

"I'll start. I'm Sparkle, I already told you why I'm teaching this class, and..." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a blue, kind of plastic-looking bill. "... And I guess I still have Canadian money on me because, hell if I even know. This is five bucks. Five bucks Canadian. It's pretty useless here, but it's got some old guy on the back and space dudes on the front? I think that's the Canadarm or whatever it's called. You can pass it around if you want while you guys do your introductions, just so long as I get it back when you're done. And go."
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For the first day of class, there was a nice selection of protein shakes or coffee for the students to grab before things started. Because they were starting on a high note. It was all down hill from here on out, kids.

"Hello, and welcome to Advanced Takeout," Tony said. "I'm Mr. Stark or Tony if you'd rather."

"And I'm Steve Rogers," Steve added. "Um, calling me Steve would be kind of strange. Welcome to Advanced Takeout. We know there are a couple other food-related classes this summer--this one is for people who can't cook."

Like them.

They only blew up one kitchen! On island. So far.

"Captain Rogers," Tony suggested to the class because Steve lacked the casual sweaters for 'Mr. Rogers' after all. "It's the first class, so things will be easy with letting us know your name and why you picked this class. You're in for a lot of this for the rest of the week. Sorry."

Steve grinned. "You can also tell us your biggest kitchen disaster. We blew up a microwave making apple pie a few months back."

Don't ask how. Just...don't.

"And I even have a doctorate in chemistry, so it can happen to anyone," Tony added cheerfully. Because it had been for science. Didn't you all feel better about yourselves?

"And after you're done with the introductions, you can try to make coffee or a protein shake," Steve said. Which, well, Tony's robot DUM-E had a hard time doing, so it can't be that easy, right?

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