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Well, the classroom was very... festive. Through no work on the teachers' parts. On the plus side, the glitter was all cleaned up.

"Welcome back, welcome back. Today we're going to be discussing the filibuster in the US Congress," Tony said, making a face as he took a sip of his pumpkin spice coffee.

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Class was back in the Danger Shop again, though there were no bodies here this time. Yet.

Cut for length and discussion of burns )
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"Sometimes, dealing with forces more powerful than you can be as simple as playing on the weaknesses most beings share," Atton said. "Like how most people are easily distracted. For all that we like to talk and talk about what great multitaskers we are, most species aren't actually very good at paying attention to more than one thing at once."

He sat down on his desk.

"And that's how pickpockets line their pockets," he said. "You'd be surprised how easily you can distract people from one thing by presenting them with something more immediate and familiar. And no, this isn't me encouraging you all to start stealing everything in sight - though if you are hungry and out of money, feel free - but sometimes, it can be really useful to be able to shortcut the high and mighty and grab something you might need."

"Some pickpockets work in teams: you usually have a stall and a pick. The stall makes sure the mark stops, like by bumping into them-- but only somewhere where it makes sense for them to do that. Like a train car, or a crowded hallway, or a large public hall, stuff like that. Then as the mark suddenly comes to a stop, it makes sense for the pick to 'accidentally' bump into them and lift their wallet. The mark's still fixated on the stall; they won't focus on the pick until the deed has already been done. Sometimes the stall will do something else, like drop some coins, or otherwise get the mark to kneel down so the pick can do his work."

He nodded at the simulated train car in front of them. "But you can also easily work alone in an environment like that," he said. "Hide your hands under a newspaper or something, and accidentally brush past someone-- that touch is usually so expected and normal, people don't question it. Some pickpockets like to actually draw attention to people's money, like by shouting that there's a pickpocket around--" He smirked. A little. "--so people will pat the places they have their valuables, making it easier to find them. If you're a woman, or a particularly attractive guy, fish, whatever, you can also try the old 'I'm drunk and affectionate' act.

He shrugged.

"No matter what, the trick is misdirection," he said. "Which is something you have to practice. So-- half of you are going to be pickpockets today, and the other half are going to be marks. You can team up or go it alone, I don't care. Practice this stuff. If you're successful, swap roles."

He pointed at a table full of wallets. "Marks? Get your crap."
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This week, the danger shop was made up to look like outside the dorms. You know. For authenticity. Or because it was easy. Fifty-fifty odds there.

"So, the squirrels were a little confused on the facts this week, we think?" Magnus said, voice going up at the end like he too was questioning it all and therefore should not be blamed if they were completely wrong. "And I totally whiffed that investigation check, so this is what we're going with."

Cara probably had a better excuse than that.

Cara's excuse was that she didn't care and the squirrels' version was close enough. "Sometimes the real enemy is all of us," she said. "Not in a philosophical sense, in a people are turning into monsters and you can't actually kill them sense."

Magnus nodded along with that sagely. "I mean. You could, but it'd be really rough and people usually stay dead. Most of the time." He was lookin' at you, Barry Bluejeans. "So, we'll be working on some non-lethal fights. Which, trust me, is super hard when you're used to just going for it. One time we accidentally killed a guy and had to dump him off a cliff. It was a thing."

"Don't do that," was Cara's suggestion. "As an added bonus, the things your classmates, teachers and other townsfolk have turned into are also stronger, faster, and hardier than usual, so you'll have to get creative."

"Also, I think they have stoneskin cast on them?" Magnus said, squinting out like he could tell. "Which sucks if you like non-magical damage. So, maybe team up? Yeah, totally team up. Team work was the lesson we meant all along."

Team up to not kill your friends the murder gargoyles, a lesson they could all get behind. "Yes, that."

Library, Wednesday

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 07:49 am
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Peridot had been planning on bringing her notes in from Jenkins' class today in order to go through the library to research some of the terminology he'd used during whatever spare time she had.

As the day progressed, it became fairly clear that Peridot wasn't going to have spare time. A few of the books had taken to running down the aisles, and then a few more, and before Peridot could rein in the first few runners it had spiralled out of control into a whole book stampede.

She might have gotten trampled.

It wasn't pretty.

[OOC: Open! Mind the books!]
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Jenkins had sent notification this week for the class to meet at the Portalocity office in town, and to bring jackets. After a quick headcount and some quiet negotiations with the attendant, a portal opened, and Jenkins ushered the students through, straightening his jacket and adjusting his bow tie as he cleared the portal edge and it closed behind them. He gave the scenery around them a thoughtful look.

"Mountains in the distance, sparse and grassy vegetation, high altitude, lovely chill in the air. . . . I tell you, I did not think that would work." He set his hands on his hips and nodded. "Welcome, students, to the Tibetan Plateau."

Meet three not-unicorns? )

[tl;dr: chiru, kiang, and yak]

Library, Tuesday

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 11:37 am
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When Khadgar first arrived at the library, he thought things were quiet. But, before too long, he realized there was a squeaking noise in the back by one of the shelves. He quietly sneaked over to investigate, and discovered the squeaking noise was two squeaking noises, of a pair of rats looking over some weetiny blueprints.

"3.14 will be sufficient for our measurements!"

"If we want this to come out right, 22/7 will provide more accurate dimensions."

"I assure you, it will end up too large! Also, you know I hate multiplying by fractions."

"Well, then you should have studied harder in math class!"

Khadgar stepped back as quietly as he'd approached, to leave them to their work. That didn't sound like a fight to get in the middle of.

[I am not remotely sorry. :D Open and OCD-free!]
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There was a big ol' picture of the Jersey Devil up on the board in case people were worried they wouldn't get to learn about that beloved monster.

"I hope you all learned an important lesson from last week's movie." He hadn't, but still. Hope springing eternal and all that. "Today is all about that lil' demonic maybe rapscallion from New Jersey. The Jersey Devil is supposed to be a goat headed maybe dog headed, something headed at least thing with big fucking bat wings, claws, and cloven hooved feet. Maybe a lizard tail in there too. Either way, a regular Island of Doctor Moreau looking little fucker. And I say this with only the love a mother can give."

That made literally no sense.

"Anyway, this guy has been around since the American Revolution. Probably because people in New Jersey have always been drunk and crazy."

He started flipping through a book on the matter, possibly making a face, but it was hard to tell with the whole mask thing.

"Wow, there's a lot of super boring history on it if you want to fall asleep without taking that sweet, sweet Ambien and pinot grigio cocktail that gets you through the day." Or was he thinking of people from those housewives shows? "Either way."

Deadpool clapped his hands together before passing out some blank pieces of paper. "You're all gonna design your own fucked up chimera from some location. I don't care where. Make up a devil. It'll be fun and not at all become a Slender Man situation where someone gets murdered by idiots over it."
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The Danger Shop was back to looking like a workshop this week, where everyone had a partially disassembled gadget and a box of random scrap in front of them.

"Welcome back, kids! So now that you mastered the skills of figuring out what something is and recognising situations that'll get yourself killed, we're moving on to some more valuable skills, figuring out which parts you need, and how to get them, which in this case involves cooperation!" Which Aphra thought was highly overrated, but sometimes necessary.

"All your broken gizmos are missing parts you need to fix them, some of them are in your scrap box, the rest are in other people's scrap boxes, you're all bright enough to figure out the rest. Once you get your gizmo fixed you can work on your project some."
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So already Kitty was starting to wonder if another semester of all the jobs was going to be a bad idea, because being there for final inspection stuff at Caritas this morning meant that she was running late for class, and thus, there was an email sent out last minute telling the students to come to the classroom.

"Sorry for the change in plans," Kitty said. "Long story, boring adult stuff. But on the bright side, you get a movie day. It's from 1995, is horrifyingly out of date, and I don't really know if people back then knew what computers actually did. Enjoy!"
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Ghanima was sitting on her desk as the students arrived, her text placed neatly in her lap. Exactly like any other day of class.

The moment the last student was seated, she flipped her book open. "Good morning, class, and welcome. Today with the Third P'ien," she said, holding up the book. "'Attack by Stratagem.' Or as one of my former co-teachers once called it, 'Avoiding Attack by Stratagem from my side of the fence: Make Love, Not War and Drink Sake and Keep Calm ♥.'" Some days Ghanima missed Shunsui very, very much. "Or, in the words of Tzu, 'Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.'"

"Sun Tzu also said that 'He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.' And, of course, there's the phrase everyone knows, but rarely do they know the source. 'If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.' Know thy enemy and know thyself."

"So, how do you formulate a plan of attack, if are forced to fight? Resorting immediately to violent means is not always the best option. 'Thus the highest form of generalship is to balk the enemy's plans;'" Ghanima recited, watching all of them carefully. "'The next best is to prevent the junction of the enemy's forces; the next in order is to attack the enemy's army in the field; and the worst policy of all is to besiege walled cities.' So speaks Tzu. I'm curious as to how you feel this reflects the every day world, and if you have seen this applied at all in Fandom."
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Tip wasn't sure how it was possible, but she was still sore from learning sword basics from Kanan on Friday. They hadn't even been working on it for that long! Clearly something was wrong. She was on WebMD today, trying to figure out what it meant to still be so sore after 3 days.

Sure, okay, it could be that she was actually just really out of shape, but wasn't bone cancer or something way more likely?

. . . Okay, fine, maybe not. But it was more interesting to read about that and freak herself out than to just drink more water and do some stretches.

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"Today we're going to talk about something that's a current moral dilemma," Anakin began. And one he heard Rory ranting about almost daily. "It's also an extremely valuable life skill: learning how to read information with a critical eye to discover the motivations of the people releasing it. Their morals might not be your morals."

"Regardless of what kind of society you grow up in, it is likely you'll believe certain sources of information better than others," Obi-Wan said. "What those sources would be, varies. Sentients do, however, feel inclined to believe something that parrots their own beliefs more readily than what does not."

Anakin nodded. "Do you believe what your friend tells you? Does her opinion weigh more heavily than, say, a news article you read, even if hers is only a single perspective? In journalism--" he smiled at Obi-Wan, "--as my wife has lectured me more than once, there are primary and secondary sources of information. How do you know a secondary source is credible, or that a primary doesn't have an axe to grind?"

"And what does credibility mean to you?' Obi-Wan asked. "Most have an agenda, but some might be more benevolent than others. How do you judge such a thing? What do you pay attention to?"

"And does the credibility matter very much if it's about something that doesn't really affect your life? Celebrity marriages, wars on planets you'll never visit?" Anakin added. "Are you more interested in a good story or the bald facts?"

"Please share a story where you were entirely convinced one set of events was true, but the reality turned out to be rather different or more complicated," Obi-wan said, "If you have any. If you don't... why don't you?"
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Hello was for other people.

"Last week you got a prompt of 'traffic light.' Today you're going to turn those in," said Daria. "Or again, you can read it to the class if you want. I mean, we have time."
She did basically just give them prompts and let them write.

"For this week's prompt, you're going to choose one of four pictures, and write something based on it. It can be a poem, it can be a short story, whatever gets the brain juices flowing. If you really need a goal-" Paris. "-you can make it ten pages, no more, no less. But first, does anyone want to read?"
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Today, the teachers were phoning it in! Well, kind of. They were there, but so was the television and a DVD player. "Today, in an effort to make government systems more fun," Steve began, "we're going to watch it in singing cartoon form."

As you do!

"Edutainment," Tony said, raising his eyebrows like clearly everyone was into it. "Its a Friday. Just enjoy the break."

And maybe hope whatever weirdness happening would skip over the room.

...or not, as the less technically adept of the pair of them went to press play on the DVD and hit the "fire" button lying in wait for him on top of the machine. Glitter, everyone?

Tony sneezed, sending out a little puff of glitter. "What. The hell."

"Language," he corrected immediately before adding an, "I'm sorry. I have no idea what happened." His hair was entirely coated in glitter, as was his shirt. It was a Look.

"A glitter bomb," Tony suggested. "Maybe we should all avoid pushing buttons in the class?"

"Good idea," Steve said with a sour look at the DVD player. "Write notes as you watch the videos and we'll have a discussion if there was anything unclear about the presentations after, okay?"

Tony hesitantly pressed play , breathing a sigh of relief when it played as expected. This time.
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As promised on her announcement, when lunchtime rolled around, Zoe had things all set up for the new(ish) Student Council. There was pizza and salads for caloric balance, sodas, coffee for those who were already addicts, and some kind of variety of cupcakes that had looked especially good at JGOB.

"Hello everyone," she said, with a genuinely friendly smile as they all got settled. "Thank you all for volunteering to be part of the council this year, especially those of you coming back for another year. I'd say we're going to have a nice, peaceful year, but I feel like that might be asking for a lot."

Sorry new folks, hopefully your classes were preparing you for inevitable weirdness.

"We've got two orders of business today. First, we have to elect a president from the seniors, and then we need to talk about how we might want to entertain the people who come to visit during Parents Weekend in a few weeks."
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Before classes started, the PA system crackled to... well, as close to life as it ever managed, and Zoe's voice could be heard.

Good morning, folks, this is Principal Winchester. I'm pleased to announce the following members of this year's Student Council: Breq, Dante, Eric Bittle, Gratuity Tucci, Paris Geller, and Yang Xiao Long. Thank you all for volunteering, and I'll see you at lunch for our first meeting.
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As everyone arrived to class today, Sam smiled and offered them a handout:

Good morning! My voice is completely gone, so you get to read this today instead of listening to me. I wanted to talk today about the peer pressure that some people might feel to become sexually active or participate in sexual activities, but since talking is out, hopefully a movie will get you guys thinking about this instead. Ultimately, I want you all to know that no one should ever make you feel like you're going at the wrong pace, and anyone who pressures you into doing things is not a real friend.

They might be a sibling but, you know, details.
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A sheet of paper sat on every desk today; otherwise, the classroom was normal.

"So hey, we've got a lot of normal people in class this go around," Atton said easily, "That's good. Feels like I can actually offer you something useful. Most of you probably can't punch a hole into a wall or anything like that, which means you've got to be crafty. See, most types of people with powers - or just plain power - they think they're a smidgen more invincible than you are. They're wrong."

He waved a hand. "And when I'm talking about people with powers, I'm also talking about me. I'm what my universe likes to refer to as a 'Jedi Knight'. Beyond blah blah religious stuff and eat all your vegetables, what Jedi are famous for is having a connection to the universe that lets us do all kinds of weird stuff. One of the things we can do is read people's emotions, and sometimes even their thoughts. Most Jedi stack shield upon shield to make sure they don't do that all over the place, because it's really not as much fun as it sounds."

He gestured at his head.

"But some stuff always slips through, even in the most well-trained Jedi." Which wasn't something Atton could call himself, though years of experience had shaved off the edges compared to the last time he'd held this speech in front of a class. "This island hasn't been a stranger to people with similar mental powers, either. Some of them have more control than that, some of them less."

He pulled a face. "I don't know about you, but I don't like people poking around my head, which is why I try to avoid doing it from the other end. I mean, not that I'm philosophically opposed to being a hypocrite, I just think it's tacky. What the point is, is that before I got any of these magic powers, I taught myself techniques to keep people out of my head." He nodded at the paper on the nearest desk. "It's not as hard as it seems. You just have to be smart about it. See, most telepaths don't actually want to hear your thoughts. You're teenagers, it's probably full of filth. Lean into that. Walk into a room with a telepath with nothing in your head other than the fact you think you hear something whistling in the next room, and nothing in your heart but the thought that the telepath is looking pretty good in that skirt."

He waved a paper of his own around. "It's easy, because the basic idea is easy. It's hard, because it's easy to slip into thinking 'I have to think this or she'll know', and then hey, she knows. So I want you to practice today. Write down every inconsequential detail you can find in this class. Every emotion you could be feeling about something in this class, too. Then see where your head's at."
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Magnus was basically bouncing about this class because he hadn't gotten to fight anything gelatinous since the very first adventure in the podcast. Oh, Jizz Cave, he sorta missed you.

"Hi and welcome back!"

Cara had questions about Magnus's narrative, questions she was pretty sure she didn't actually want answered. "It's not all robot bar fights in this place," she said. "Sometimes it's even stranger."

His canon also featured a talking elevator that wanted you to go into it's belly. So. Yeah. You made a good choice, Cara.

"Whaaaaaaaaaat?" Magnus said, putting his hands on his cheeks Kevin McCallister style. "Say it ain't so!"

"Hard to believe, I know," Cara said dryly. "Not just that, but there were times when students weren't trusted with anything more dangerous than safety scissors. At all." In case anyone felt being discreet about not keeping things in the weapons locker involved too much effort.

Magnus gave his ax a reassuring pat. And his lance. And his sword. Pats all around to let them know they were safe here. "Which sounds like a bad choice here, but I'm sure lessons were learned by all. Hence this class! Where we bribe the squirrels with alcohol to get all the good dirt on what happened in the past and then inflict it on you."

The brighter students could probably see the flaw in this plan, but Cara didn't care. With her own reassuring rest of a hand on one of her agiels, she continued "Today we bring you the true events of a harmless race interrupted by a truly dangerous foe." A wobbly, wobbly foe.

"I'd venture to say they're probably tasty foes too," Magnus said, tilting his head in deep thought. "Anyway, it's Jello Dragons. Which is pretty cool because the only dragons I've fought before now were in the live shows." He cleared his throat like that had never been said. "Let's kick their asses!"
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Class had been tasked with meeting in the Danger Shop again, and Hannibal greeted them as they arrived. "Welcome. And well done last week. This week, we move on to actually helping those you find. Since part of our determination in triage was whether or not they were bleeding, we're going to find out today how to help if they aren't."

He called up an unconscious human body. If it looked a little like Frederick Chilton, well, the man was a perfect example of dreadfully average humanity, and deserved any indignity he suffered.

CPR Time! )

Library, Wednesday

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 07:57 am
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There was music playing in the library today. Mysteriously, and coming from nowhere that Peridot could really put a finger on. Which she wouldn't mind, really, except that it was just so...

So perky. Even the not perky songs were perky. And they raised so many questions, really. Was a sign truly capable of opening up one's eyes? Where was this happy nation that they kept singing about? If all that she wants is another baby, why is she in such a hurry to leave tomorrow? What is it about the summer in particular that is so cruel?

Where was this music coming from??

[OOC: ... I heard an Ace of Base song yesterday and I'm earwormed to heck and back, so.]
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"I hope everyone wore some comfortable clothes they can stretch in, because today we're going to do some yoga!" Vanessa said cheerfully. "Now, I know what you're thinking, 'But, Vanessa, I didn't bring a yoga mat,' but don't worry, I ordered yoga mats for everybody!" Or rather, the FBI had ordered yoga mats for everybody, courtesy of her and Wade's former neighbor the cop whose apartment they'd stolen's cover identity. Details. "Anyway. If you're new to yoga, it's an umbrella term for a group of physical, mental, and spiritual exercises that originated in India. A lot of people, especially in the West, use yoga as just a form of exercise, but it also has meditative or spiritual elements. Yoga has a lot of benefits I won't get into right now, but one of them is that it's good for destressing and, like I said, meditating. I'm no yoga instructor, but I found this great channel on YouTube with yoga routines for...basically anything you could think of, including a seven minute stress relief routine. She also has longer ones, but I like this one because, well, it only takes seven minutes, and now matter how crazy your life is, you can spare seven minutes, right? So, spread out your yoga mats and let's all take seven minutes right now to do this routine together." Vanessa hit play on the video.

After they'd finished, Vanessa asked the class, "So, what do you think of yoga so far?"
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A note on the door of the usual classroom directed the students today to gather in the Danger Shop, where they would find Jenkins waiting for them in a room very much like the one where they usually met, only with perhaps even more miscellaneous ephemera.

"Ah," Jenkins said when it was time for class to start. "You've found the place. Excellent. Let's get down to business, then, we've got two animals to cover today, so any stragglers will simply have to do their best to catch up. Today we shall be discussing — and meeting, at least in a way — Mellivora capensis and Indicator indicator. Or as they are better known to English speaking audiences, 'the crazy nasty-ass honey badger' and 'the honeyguide'. I'm afraid that last one is one of those rare beasts whose latinate name is its most interesting."

We can categorically state that we have not released man-eating badgers into the area )
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The Danger Shop had a holoprojector set up today, because why wait longer than a fortnight before starting with movie classes.

"You all did great last week," Aphra told them. "But I really need to emphasise why it's a kriffing awful idea to poke at things when you either don't know what they are, or if all your context clues imply poking's a really dumb idea. So educational holo, and to make it interactive, every time you think they're being idiots take a drink, take two if you can think of more sensible choices!"

"Don't worry, yours aren't booze, your livers couldn't take it if they were."
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There was a poster up on the board to let people know about the subject of the day. It was way better than last week's image, right? Right.

"Today were talking about Bigfoot. Sasquatch. The Yeti. The Skunk Ape. I can keep going here, but I won't. And not because I'm out of names," Deadpool said, pointing out at the class accusingly. "I started serious research on the subject by watching that stupid show about the rednecks hunting it out in the woods, but then I found out people write cryptid erotica and spent the rest of my evening dry heaving."

Seemed like the appropriate response.

"So all my information is pulled from the classic movie Harry and the Hendersons where we learn that love was the reason for the season."

It was fair to say he hadn't paid the movie much attention either.

"Okay, we're just watching a movie. Sit down and enjoy the heartwarming tale."
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Today the Danger Shop looked... a lot like a computer lab from 1992.

"Hey, guys," Kitty half-sighed. "So I had plans, and then the Danger Shop had a little issue, and so I rearranged things and now you guys are getting a little bit of a flashback to possibly before you were born, depending on when and where you came from, of course. These are computers that were used back in the early 90's. They were big and boxy, you couldn't carry them around, and they didn't do much. But, you could play games.

"And that's your lesson today. Start it up, pick a game, or two or three if you find them boring, and have fun."
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Tip was spending her shift today on an extended tour through random wikipedia pages. She wasn't even sure what she'd started out looking up, but she'd already read about the native peoples of Siberia, the 1849 California gold rush, and some strange ocean sound that sounded a whole lot to Tip like the planet had burped.

"Hey Bill, the Boov started out aquatic," she said. "Does a 'bloop' sound from the ocean sound strange to you?"

This started her pet robot on a long tirade about ocean conservancy and how the Boov had to flee their home planet because of degasification.

"Right," she said. "Sorry I asked."

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It was once again Monday, and Ghanima was seated on her desk, little red book in her hands.

"'There is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare,'" she announced once everyone was seated. "So speaks Sun Tzu in the second P'ien. In it, he speaks of provisioning an army, and managing your resources."

"Today, we look at it from a non-combat viewpoint," Ghanima said, smiling at them. "If you're conducting a business merger, you should approach it the same as any other battle. Prolonged negotiations are something to avoid at all costs, since you usually end up losing something the longer you are engaged."

"Romantic relationships are the same way; as much fun as the chase can be, a prolonged pursuit of your target increases the chance of them slipping away," she teased, eyes flashing with amusement. "How can you apply the suggestions made in the second P'ien to these two situations? I'd like you to break into groups and discuss."

Ethics, Monday

Monday, September 11th, 2017 07:10 am
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"Welcome back to Ethics class," Anakin said. "Today we're going to discuss a fictional tale with a real-world morality test: The Lady or the Tiger."

"It's meant to indicate, among other things, one's level of cynicism - or perhaps one's belief in certain systems of ethics," Obi-Wan said lightly. "It's the tale of a young princess who falls in love with a young man. He's not nearly of her status. It creates... friction."

"Is that what you call it when your father discovers your affair and throws your lover in prison?" Anakin asked dryly. "The judicial system in this hypothetical kingdom was bizarre: the man was to be tossed into arena in front of anyone in the kingdom who wanted to show up and watch. There were two doors in the wall. One led to a beautiful woman--not the princess--who he would be forced to marry instantly. Choosing this door was considered being found innocent. Behind the other was a tiger who would, presumably, eat in him instantly and thus reinforce his guilt. The princess knew which was behind each door, but she was a jealous, petty person. Her lover looked up at her, she gestured to a particular door...and the story ends."

"Which door did she pick? The story doesn't say," Obi-Wan said. His mouth curved. "That's where you come in. Which door did she point to? And which would you have pointed to, if you'd been in a similar - somewhat offbeat - situation?"
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"Last week I gave you an assignment to write a detective story," Daria began once class had begun. "Today you hand it in, but if you want, I'll give you the option to read it out loud. You don't have to if you don't want to. You will always get control over who gets to read or hear your work in this class- aside from me, because it's my job- but if you want to share it, you should be able to.

"Now for next week, your theme is 'traffic light.' Let's say five pages. That's all the guidance you're getting, except to say not to write if someone else is reading last week's work. Don't be that guy."
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Sam looked slightly more comfortable up here today, and he felt a little better too as he smiled out at the students. "Hey, so before we start diving into more specific topics, I wanted to make sure we talked about consent."

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There was a lack of glitter in the classroom this week, so hopefully no one was crushed by this. They could make up for it with supplied coffee at least?

"Welcome back," Tony said to their tiny class. "Today we'll be discussing the types of government out there and which is the current governing system in the United States. Again, the one we are currently in."

The one that was dabbling in a variety of populism with a heavy emphasis on racism and nativism!

Plus bonus sexism!

"There are a variety of options out there," Steve said. "For a good portion of history, a monarchy--government by a sole king or queen, someone not chosen by the people--was very popular. Those that are left over have become, for the most part, constitutional monarchies where the ruling family is largely ceremonial and someone else--normally a parliament--does the heavy lifting of governing."

"Not to say there aren't still governments where one person or a very small group of people hold immense power over the rest of the population," Tony added. "There are dictatorships where someone controls all aspects of the state and maintains that with force or the threat of it. There are theocracies where religion and religious leaders are the controlling force in the government."

"And there are swaths where someone says they're in charge but the reality is laughably--or tragically--otherwise," Steve said. "But today we're going to mostly focus on the various kinds of democracies--representative and direct--and republics--parliamentary, federal, or single party."

"For democracies, direct democracy is... well, what it sounds like," Tony said. "You vote directly for things and a majority vote gets it approved. This... is not very common to see as it's very difficult with large populations. Representative is what you may be familiar with as that is what we see in the US. We vote to elect someone who is supposed to vote or work on our behalf in the government. It's a bit more hands off for the general population."

"The US is also a federal republic," Steve said, "which means power is broken up into several sections--the national government, and then the 50 states. Below the states are local government as well, all the way down to school boards."

"Which is why we fear the school board visits." Tony, no.

"Plus from what I've read, they're kind of insane," Steve added. "Today we're going to talk about the different kinds of government, how they work, and when they don't. Dictatorships, for instance, are extremely streamlined because there's no pesky 'asking other people for their opinions' part."

They really were, Steve.

"Pick a type of government and tell us what you think are the biggest flaws in them and what, if any, ways they could be fixed," Tony said.
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"Hey, kids."

That was Atton, leaning casually against the wall at the back of the Danger Shop. "Welcome to Introductions Part 2: Rolling With The Punches."

He waved at two doors at the end of the wall. "Go."
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This week the danger shop was made to look like a bar. The sort of bar you probably didn't want to be in. You know, where your feet stuck to the floor due to what you honestly hoped was a spilled cocktail, but... c'mon. Let's be honest here. It wasn't from a cocktail.

One teacher had a black eye from his last trip to the bar, but looked pretty damn pleased to be there again. "Welcome back! You did great last week. Super great. And kinda hilarious too."

That Cara didn't wave to anyone who'd been bitten was a testament to her self-control. "And hopefully leant a valuable lesson about avoiding gremlins," she drawled. "However, gremlins are not the only danger on the island, and they lurk everywhere, including places you might want to relax, like the bars."

Sure, the only bar they could actually drink at had an anti-fun-violence spell on it, but she didn't need to tell them that.

"Or you could be looking for a job there! A lot of great adventures start there. Or end there if you roll really shitty initiative," Magnus continued. "See, the key is to be adaptable. Because anything can be a weapon if you just use your imagination."

"Including your imagination." Cara looked far, far too cheerful about that.

He nodded encouragingly at that. "And it makes for a great podcast." Wait, what? "So, today we're gonna see how you handle a normal bar fight. With robots. Fantasy robots."

"It's more common than you'd think." At least that's what the squirrels had said when Cara checked with them, and if you couldn't trust rum-soaked rodents to be truthful... well, that ship had sailed long ago. "I'm sure you'll do us proud." Or fail hilariously. Win/win.
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"Good morning, everyone," Hannibal greeted them. Class had been asked to meet in the Danger Shop today, and aside from enough seats for them there was also a small table against the wall with coffee and tea. "Please enjoy any caffeine and sugar you may need." He understood that need.

"The first thing you should learn when offering first aid is what we call triage, so that is what we shall cover today. Triage is the process of deciding who needs the most help, and who you are best able to help."

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Library, Wednesday

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 08:16 am
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Peridot was actually working with the books today! Not that the step ladder had resurfaced, really (and she was absolutely going to get to the bottom of why it kept vanishing for her shifts), but entirely because she had brought in a metal garbage can lid, stolen from somewhere in town, for the day. She was going to Try Something.

So if anybody came in to the library to see a little green Gem sitting on what was essentially a budget flying saucer, one hand in the air to steer and a stack of books in her lap that needed re-shelving up near the very top, well, that was what was up.

[OOC: Open!]
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The classroom appeared much the same as it had last week, albeit much more dimly lit, and with the addition of two new chairs at the table, one extra large and one resembling a fancy barstool, extra-high with an almost ladder-like arrangement of horizontal supports. There were also a half dozen or so rolling step stools of varying heights.

Jenkins was glad to see his students were willing to assist each other when necessary, but was chagrined that such assistance had been required.

The chalkboard had been draped with a white cloth, and an old fashioned slide projector sat in the center of the table. A few warm, banker's lamps were scattered along the table for those who wished to take notes during the lecture.

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Library, Tuesday

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 11:26 am
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After Mrs. Pryde-Barton's lesson on computer ethics, combined with some things he recalled from his classes with Mr. Rogers and Mr. Stark, Khadgar decided to spend his library shift doing more research on how the American government system worked.

His scowl was only going to increase as the day went on, so if you needed something, it might be good to come in early.

[Flying OCD-free today!]
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Aphra's class were back in her simulated cave of wonders again, although this week each workbench had a sad little pile of junk on it, and a stack of instruction manuals and boxes of scrap up the front.

"Didn't lose any of you so far, good," Aphra said, waving at them. "Things is, before you can start repairing your artifacts, you need to know what they actually are, otherwise unless you're lucky enough that you should just give up the fixing for gambling at best you're gonna be out of pocket, at worst you're gonna get dead." There wer actually several even worse options, by why give the kiddos nightmares?

"So, pick a desk, use these to figure out what you've good, and if you need anything from those as spare parts," Aphra said, pointing to the instruction manuals and boxes of scarp in turn. "And then let's see if you can get yours finished by the end of the class. Not that it's a competition or anything."

She fully expected someone to turn it into a competition.
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"So it looks like you all fucking like the Chupacabra," Deadpool said, pointing at an image taped to the board. It was some great art there. "So we're gonna learn about it first."

Weren't you all so glad this was the topic he was actually going to teach?

"This guy right here is originally known from Puerto Rico--" He really rolled those r's for emphasis. "And clearly isn't one of the many, many feral dogs running around. With mange. Not at all. No, this little shit is apparently both bi-pedal and running around on all fours. And has spines shooting out of his back. Oh, and it's apparently either a reptile or a mammal. Which really helps narrow down this species, right?"

It sounded super gross and Deadpool was really glad he hadn't gotten any of that when he finally got his fugly super-powers.

"And it sucks the blood out of animals. I'm gonna say it's an alien. Alien ship crash landed in Puerto Rico--" Again with the aggressively rolled r's there. "--and now they're eating goats. Or maybe this is the Bear Gryllz of aliens and they just like going from country to country eating goats all Eat Pray Love style. You guys tell me your theories on this thing that totally isn't a feral dog."
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Today the class was back in the Danger Shop, and it looked suspiciously like a game show set, complete with podiums for each student, with their names written on them.

"Hello!" Kitty greeted them. "Before we get into the nitty gritty of this class, there's something very important we need to discuss first, and that is ethics!"

Confetti rained down from the ceiling at that word- and would anytime someone said "ethics"- because Kitty was a giant dork.

Brushing confetti out of her hair, she said, "We're going to cover some topics in this class that could be seen as iffy. Now you might assume that if you're one of the good guys, whatever you do is the right thing. But there's a lot of gray area there. Just because you have the power to do something doesn't mean you should, and you need to take the situation and consequences into consideration. I can get into some extremely high level systems. If I do, and I get caught, I'm still subject to a whole lot of federal charges, and probably a stint in a cushy prison." So, she made sure she never got caught. "Today you're getting a pop quiz. I'm going to give you some scenarios, and you can buzz in and give your answer and reasoning.

"Also, this isn't really a game show, and you can all buzz in, or buzz in to reply to each other or whatever. I just like buzzers."
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"Welcome back," said Daria, welcomingly. "Please hand in last week's assignments. If you didn't complete it in the last week... really? You had a week."

Just wait until someone told her they couldn't do their homework because they'd been fighting an alien threat in another dimension or whatever.

Actually, considering she was teaching Creative Writing, that would probably get extra credit whether it was true or not.

"This week I want a real story," she went on. "Your theme this week is detective. Come up with a main character, a case, and solve yourselves a mystery. If you really need a page limit-" Hi, Paris. "-it should be at least ten pages. If it takes you more to tell your story, then fine. If it takes you less, then good for you."

[Shhhh I forgot it was Monday. It's really like Sunday part 2.]

Library, Monday

Monday, September 4th, 2017 12:11 pm
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After her conversation with Breq at the party on Friday, Tip was looking up different Earth music styles during her shift today. She was pleased to learn that rock and roll was actually founded by a black woman, but got stuck for awhile looking up her boss's favorite music style, punk.

"Buncha white boys," she noted, flipping through and looking at pictures of unkempt musicians. She called up a couple songs on her phone for reference. "What did they even have to rebel against? Music theory?"

She found herself bopping along a little as the playlist went on. Alright. It was a little catchy.

She liked the songs from screamy girl bands especially.

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Today when the students arrived the desks were gone in favor of Ghanima's preferred set-up of rugs, cushions, some divans, and large pillows, the classroom having been redone in Fremen-style for the rest of the semester. In the center of the room was a pile of small red books, one for each student to take and keep.

"Good morning," Ghanima said once the majority of the class seemed to be settled. "Welcome back, I'm glad to see I did not frighten any of you off. Today we are starting with the first chapter, 'Laying Plans.'"

"War." Ghanima surveyed them sharply, making sure she had everyone's full attention. "The term calls to mind battlefields and generals. The most successful battles, however, are not fought with soldiers, but behind closed doors with words. They are the battles you never hear about, because there is no glory to them."

"There is the war of the sexes, the war between companies and corporations, economic wars, ideological wars, political wars, and wars between the social classes, all of which tend to start on a more basic level, and escalate to the stereotype. Whether you are wooing a romantic partner or a business rival, or meeting an enemy with your weapon drawn, the same principals hold true."

"The Art of War." Picking up a well-loved red book from her desk, Ghanima flipped it open to her marked page and began reading. "The art of war, then, is governed by five constant factors, to be taken into account in one's deliberations when seeking to determine the conditions obtaining int he field. These are: One - The Moral Law. Two - Heaven. Three - Earth. Four - The Commander. Five - Method and Discipline." She snapped the book shut and placed it beside her.

"The Moral Law," she announced, hopping off her desk, "causes the people to be in complete accord with their ruler, so that they will follow him regardless of their lives, undismayed by any danger."

"Heaven and Earth are metaphors for the conditions you face, which is slightly more applicable to physical confrontations. However, if you view each type of terrain as a mental condition, you will have a large advantage over your opponent," Ghanima said briskly as she walked through the rows, hands gesturing as she spoke. "Heaven signifies night and day, cold and heat, times and seasons, whereas Earth comprises distances, great and small; danger and security; open ground and narrow passes; the chances of life and death."

"The Commander stands for the virtues of wisdom, sincerely, benevolence, courage and strictness."

"By method and discipline, it is to be understood that it means the marshaling of the army in its proper subdivisions, the graduations of rank among the officers, the maintenance of roads by which supplies may reach the army, and the control of military expenditure."

"These five heads should be familiar to every general," she recited, eyes glowing bright for a moment. "He who knows them will be victorious; he who knows them not will fail."

"Now, when you take these five factors, you must decide how to apply them. Luckily for us, Sun Tzu provided seven ways you can weigh them before making your decision."

"First, which of the two sovereigns is imbued with the Moral law? Who has the army and the populace behind them? Because without the support of your people, you cannot win." Ghanima turned to face all of them as she leaned against a wall. "I cannot stress that point enough. Even if it is simply your friends, or the other members of your company, you will win nothing without the support of your 'troops', if you will."

"The others are more basic; which of the two generals has most ability? With whom lie the advantages derived from Heaven and Earth? On which side is discipline most rigorously enforced? Which army is stronger? On which side are officers and men more highly trained? In which army is there the greater constancy both in reward and punishment?

"Now, I'd like you to pair up, and discuss which of the five constant factors you feel to be the most important, and why."
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"Hello again, everyone," Anakin began. "In order to study ethics, we must attempt to have a common vocabulary. Otherwise my stealing might be your culture's borrowing indefinitely and we'll be talking past each other for months."

"The language of ethics takes shape differently in every culture, but often roots itself in religion," Obi-Wan continued. "Such is the case for this world, and certainly for the culture within which this island nominally finds itself. The Abrahamic religions, as they are called, shaped a good deal of the history of this country, at least for the past few centuries. And they speak of ethics in some very simple, if definitive ways."

Anakin nodded. "They call seven common human failings the 'seven deadly sins': pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth. They're considered--at least on this planet--to be abuses of our natural passions. So today you're going to pair up and discuss this list and decide which, if any, you think should be removed from the list, or if there's something that needs to be added."

"And perhaps contemplate why these particular 'sins' were singled out," Obi-Wan said. "Are these intrinsically and universally horrible qualities?"

Library, Saturday

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 11:30 pm
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Ahsoka could have sworn that there were nowhere near this many 'helpful' pamphlets appearing this time last year.

Or if there were they'd been less out there than some of these titles.
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"One more day," Tony said as class began. "You made it through the first week of the semester with, hopefully, minimal damage. I'm Tony Stark, you can call me Tony if you want. And this--" He paused, glancing over at his teaching partner.

"I'm Steve Rogers. Please don't call me Steve. It's strange."


"This is civics class--the study of our government, which will hopefully lead to greater understanding of how it works. Or doesn't, depending."

Welcome to class where your teachers vented about the current political situation going on off the island. It was fun. Sort of.

Tony tried very hard to look cheerful as he added, "If you are new to this place or come from a different time, planet, or governmental system, we will be focusing on the version of democracy practiced within the United States we currently reside in. This timeline. This awful, awful timeline."

"But if it's not your real one, it's an excellent case study in what not to do," Steve said, trying to be optimistic. "Today's going to be the last time you'll have to do introductions, we promise."

"Until next semester. Sorry." Tony was not sorry at all. "But we'll let you off easy because it's Friday and you've been through enough. Tell us your name and your experience with government and we'll do something both political and crafty."
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It was probably safe to say that no one was as uncomfortable in this room as Sam was right now. He still wasn't quite sure how he'd let himself get talked into this class, but if he'd had any lingering doubt that Zoe was an intimidating woman, it was long gone.

"Uh, hey guys. I think everyone's here so... I'm Sam Winchester, and this is Sex Ed," he said, laughing nervously. "A little bit about me - I went to school here too a long time ago." So long ago, he was so old. "I've never taught this class before, in case that wasn't completely clear already, but this is important stuff for teenagers to know and talk about, especially ones who aren't from this world, so... yeah. I'm sure in all your other classes this week, you did the introduction thing, and we're going to continue with that. I'd like to know your name, where you're from, and why you signed up for this class. 'It was an accident' is a totally acceptable answer, for the record."
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"Good morning," Hannibal said, nodding to the students. "This is the class on first aid for Fandom; if you aren't in the right place, you may leave, but you might want to remain regardless." He waved to a table off to the side. "There are coffee, tea, and pastries."

He smiled. "Which might be considered their own sort of first aid, knowing the reliance people often place on mild stimulants such as caffeine and sugar."

He was drinking coffee himself, as it happened. "For those of you who may not know me, I am Doctor Hannibal Lecter. I generally teach cooking or food-related classes, but I thought I would take a slight detour this semester, since this is a subject many people sorely need."

Pun fully intended, naturally.

"If you are wondering, I am in fact a medical doctor as well as a PhD. I received my doctorate from Paris Descartes, and completed my internship and recertification at Johns Hopkins as a trauma surgeon." Because high school students here absolutely cared about his credentials.

"We will be covering any number of first aid procedures and practices, but as today is traditionally for introductions, please," he gestured to them, "introduce yourselves by name, let me know what sort of place you're coming from, and tell us all what sort of experience you have in healing or medicine and what you would hope to encounter in this class. And please, all of you, feel free to rearrange your chairs and desks in any way you like, sit on the floor, or walk about, as you please."

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